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Thank you for your support of our 2020 Annual Appeal. The appeal will close on October 19th.

Please help us maintain our practice of compassion, gratitude and mindful living as we uphold the Buddha way here at Red Cedar Zen Community in our online form. We'll begin the process of visioning for a new permanent home in Bellingham in 2021.

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The Red Cedar Zen Community invites you to join us in the practice of Zen meditation. By settling the heart and mind in this very moment, we can bring a little more peace and openness to our lives and our world. Our Soto way emphasizes the daily practice of sitting meditation (zazen) and the integration of formal practice and daily life within the context of a community of practice.

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We follow the traditional forms of the Soto school of Zen with a spirit of warmth and inclusion. Everyone interested in meditation, whether brand new, experienced in other traditions, or schooled in formal Zen, is welcome to join our practice. Please see our Getting Started page.

Our weekly meetings are weekdays Monday-Thursday at 7am, Wednesdays nights at 7pm, Friday at noon, and Saturday mornings at 7am (see practice). Retreats of one to eight days are held annually (see the Events list and Annual Calendar).

The sangha is currently without a physical home. All of our events are on Zoom using the Zoom room (contact ahead to request the password)

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