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We thank the many donors and supporters who have made Our Journey Home such an incredible success. Thank you. Visit our new campaign page to find out more about our story so far, our fundraising campaign, and how you can get involved in bringing the dharma to life. We’re beginning the next steps in this journey and will update everyone soon. Thank you.


The Red Cedar Zen Community invites you to join us in the practice of Zen meditation. By settling the heart and mind in this very moment, we can bring a little more peace and openness to our lives and our world. 

We follow the traditional forms of the Soto school of Zen with a spirit of warmth and inclusion. Everyone interested in meditation, whether brand new, experienced in other traditions, or schooled in formal Zen, is welcome to join our practice. Please see our Getting Started page.

COVID-19 Update

All Red Cedar events will be strictly online through mid-February.

The RCZC Board has assembled a healthcare advisory team in response to the rapid rise of Omicron COVID infections, and has concluded that a pause in in-person practice together is appropriate to minimize harm. This will be re-evaluated in the middle of February. Once we return to in person practice we will continue to offer the Zoom options for most programs.

Winter Practice Period 2022

Winter Practice Period in 2022 is being led by Shuso Seiu Hannah Sullivan, and is guided by a conversation with the classic Mahayana wisdom text The Diamond Sutra. We’ll consider themes of generosity, emptiness, and transcendental wisdom as we explore these ancient teachings. There are many opportunities to participate in Winter Practice Period, in a variety of ways. See the "Upcoming Events" sidebar on this web page for details. The following resources were created specifically for Winter Practice Period:

Connecting to our Zoom Zendo

Internet out or no access to a gadget? You can also connect to the Virtual Zendo by telephone.

Dial 253-215-8782, enter our Meeting ID: 560 179 1305.

Please contact info@redcedarzen.org for the passcode.

To mute and unmute when connected by phone, press *6.

Weekly Online Practice Schedule     Monthly Event Calendar

Once we return to in person practice, the sangha will be shifting to Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship in the new year. And our weekday evening practice is shifting to Thursday evenings.

Recent Teachings

Mailing List & Membership

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Everyone is Welcome

You don’t need to be a member to sit with us. Just show up and any of our regular sittings or reach out to request an orientation!

Supporting the Sangha

Thank you for considering Red Cedar Zen Community. Find out how you can support our sangha, a teacher, Our Journey Home campaign, and much more. 


Upcoming events

See also our Weekly Schedule for zazen meetings Sunday - Thursdays every week. Join in sangha and sit together!

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