Our Zendo

In Zen Buddhism, Zendo means "Zen hall," the space in which we gather for meditation practice, Zen services and Dharma talks. The Red Cedar Zen Community gathers in both a physical zendo and a virtual zendo. Some events are only virtual, some only in person, some are hybrid with both options. To attend in person, check the home page and individual event listings to see if in-person is available, and be sure to follow our current COVID safety protocols.

Read the details of each event: some are held only online, some are in person-only, and some are available in both formats (hybrid).

Physical Zendo

We sit in at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship building at 1207 Ellsworth Street Bellingham, WA 98225. We meet downstairs: go around the building to the left (walkway with stairs) until you find the back doors.

Exciting news: Red Cedar has purchased a building which will become our new home late in 2024. The space is located at 2509 Cedarwood, at the edge of Bellingham's Birchwood neighborhood. Feel free to take a look but please don't disturb our upstairs tenant. Or take a video tour with Nomon Tim.

When attending events in person, please adhere to our current Covid Safety Guidelines.

Online Zendo

Our virtual zendo is located on Zoom, and you can join any gathering clicking this link (passcode included): 

Enter Virtual Zendo on Zoom

Internet out or no access to a gadget?

You can also connect to the Virtual Zendo by telephone: dial 253-215-8782, enter meeting ID: 560 179 1305, passcode: 4789

To mute and unmute when connected by phone, press *6.

What To Do When You're In The Zendo

The zendo is a sacred space, and like most such spaces, there are conventions for how to do things called the "Zen Forms." And we are a welcoming community, all of us were new at one time, please don't let these conventions get in the way of joining us!

There are several ways to learn these conventions (called Zen Forms):

  1. Observe: Whether virtual or in-person, just show up and watch what other people do and follow along. Again, don't get too distracted by "doing the right thing," - we're here to practice
  2. Sign up for an orientation. We're happy to give you an orientation to our programs/services (i.e. when and how to do what). Just email orientation@redcedarzen.org
  3. Read about the Zen Forms.

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (where we sit)

Useful Links

  • Memorial and well being listsadd any names for our well-being and memorial ceremonies held each morning.
  • Downloadable Printable Chant Book (click the link to download our chant book as a PDF document reformatted for home printers)
  • Meal Chant we’ll do before each meal break
  • Information about dokusan and practice discussion (private interviews with our teachers).
  • Dana (teacher donations): Our retreat teachers and hike leaders are not compensated from registration fees. Please make a dana donation online with the Dana for Teachers Page.

Next at the Zendo

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