COVID Safety Guidelines

The RCZC Board has assembled a healthcare advisory team in response to the COVID pandemic. The team meets whenever the CDC issues new safety guidance, and updates our own guidelines accordingly. For the safety of all members of the sangha, we will continue to offer the Zoom option for programs whenever practical.

See our Weekly Schedule and Event pages to check which events can be attended in person.

Have you been exposed to Covid?

We appreciate this handout from the CDC detailing suggested procedures for testing, masking, and medication.

Red Cedar In-person Standard Event Covid Safety Guidelines

Our temporary physical zendo is at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.

When attending practices and events in our sangha space at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (BUF), please adhere to the following safety protocols to help keep our members safe during the Covid pandemic. Please do not come to Zendo if you are symptomatic or have had a known exposure to a person with Covid. Continue hand hygiene and distancing as recommended by CDC and the State of WA Dept of Health


  • Masking is will continue to be required at all indoor events regardless of vaccination status until April 3rd, 2023 when in alignment with Washington State Health Department policy marking will become optional.

For unvaccinated individuals

  • You are warmly invited to participate with Sangha by Zoom for all services, retreats, sesshins, discussions and private interviews with a teacher. Responding to an infectious disease epidemic is a dynamic process and the policy could change in the future.  

    Meanwhile, we ask you not to attend Zendo in person UNLESS you bring results of a PCR test completed within the past 24 hours by a certified Lab (Not a rapid test regardless of who administers it.)  

For vaccinated individuals: (basic series and boosters)

  • Remain up-to-date with basic vaccinations and periodic boosters.  You are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines if you have completed a COVID-19 vaccine primary series and received the most recent booster dose recommended for you by CDC.

Outdoor Activities

  • Vaccinated individuals may mask depending on their personal risk

  • Unvaccinated individuals may attend.  Social distancing and masking are required.  

Policy Updates

As of April 3rd masking will be optional at Red Cedar events and Covid 19 vaccination will be highly recommended but no longer required.

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