Red Cedar Staff

While we are a 90% volunteer organization we are delighted to introduce our small paid staff who provide essential administrative and spiritual support for the organization.

Bookkeeper and Technical Support Person

Ed Wayt keeps our books and is available to members for technical support with our website, registration and other systems. He is available by request. Contact Ed at or 360-441-7090 (text or phone) to request tech support.

Ed is supervised by our Board Treasurer and coordinates closely with the Finance Committee.

About Ed: Ed grew up in Southern Florida and moved to Seattle after college to live in a "green" city, to be close to the mountains and sea, and to join the tech industry. After disengaging from the tech industry, he found himself on a winding path that eventually had him ordaining as a monk in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh where he practiced for 3 years. Finding that life too narrow, he moved back to the Pacific Northwest - to Bellingham - where he practices lightly in the Zen tradition of Robert Aitken and explores the living of a vibrant, authentic, communal life in an urban environment. He enjoys investigating the role of will and grace in everyday life, likes to dance and play, tends to be way too serious, and is an active community organizer.


Program Administrator

Michael Kelberer administers the website including adding and modifying events, coordination sangha resources, and other projects. 

Michael is supervised by the Guiding Teacher and coordinates closely with the Registrar, Event Managers, and the Technology Committee.

Please contact Michael at or 360-389-3444 (text or phone) for help with program-related matters such as presenting changes and updates on the website, adding or modifying events, support with our technology, scheduling use of the Zoom zendo and other resources.

About Michael: Born in Minneapolis, MN, he left for the Middle East at six weeks of age, and was raised in Beirut, Lebanon with short stays in Saudi Arabia. He has a BA in Economics and an MBA in Operations Management, and has worked as a computer programer, construction project manager, banking operations manager, newspaper publisher, financial planner, and as a freelance business consultant specializing in branding and communications. He arrived in Bellingham in 2015 intending to retire, but found himself working for Mindfulness Northwest as Assistant to the Director and a certified mindfulness teacher. For fun, he reads, hikes and studies Broadway Musicals.


Guiding Teacher

Our Guiding Teacher Nomon Tim Burnett completes our small paid staff at Red Cedar Zen. Tim is responsible for overseeing our programming, supporting our students, coordinating with our other leaders, senior students, and teachers, and representing Red Cedar Zen to the broader community.

See the Teachers and Leaders page for more on Tim.

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