Website Help Pages

The following set of pages were created to provide help on common tasks using the Red Cedar Zen Community website. If you're encountering problems trying to do something on our site and these pages don't help, please contact for assistance.

Logging in

Logging into the website makes it easier to register for events as your contact info will be pre-filled. If you're a member, it also allows access to members-only tools and information. You must also be logged in to make any of the changes described below.

Your profile

Everyone with an account on our website has a profile. This is largely for internal use, not shared with others, but if you're a member, your profile may be visible to other members in the Sangha Directory. You have full control over what information gets shared. Profile items include your name, pronouns, and contact info. 

Sangha Directory

The Sangha Directory is a searchable directory of all of the Red Cedar Zen Community members. A great resource for connecting with others! It's only accessible to other members, and consists of member profiles (described in the previous section). 

Membership Levels

If you are a member of Red Cedar Zen Community, your membership level designates the monthly donation, if any, you are currently choosing to offer. Our philosophy is that every member is the same "level" - meaning that we honor all members equally regardless of current donations, levels of participation or background in Zen. Thank you for being a member!  For additional information about membership, see Become a Member.  

Updating your Credit Card

Most members of Red Cedar Zen Community who make a monthly donation use autopay and our secure system keeps your credit or debit card on file.  You can change, remove, or update your card at any time.

Accessing Ananda

Ananda is a shared folder within Red Cedar Zen Community's Google Drive account, used for storing, organizing and sharing online documents. It is available exclusively to sangha members. For more information, see About Ananda.

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