Our wilderness programs integrate formal Zen meditation, silent hiking, chanting and sutra study with time spent immersed in wilderness with community. Hiking mindfully in silence we immerse ourselves in the forests, mountains, meadows, and deep places of our region. Trail-side stops for rituals and Buddhist sutra recitation open the mind and honor the places we pass through. Early morning meditation in camp settles the mind and opens the heart. Simple meals and fellowship with our small hiking groups of 8-12 people build lasting friendships in shared experiences in some of the last great places on our planet. We hope you’ll join us this year for our Zen-inspired wilderness based programs. From a stroll into an Old Growth remnant, to nature awareness workshops, to day hikes, to backpacks of 3 to 14 days we offer a broad array of programs. See below for upcoming events.

Like our "indoor" meditation retreats, the Wilderness Program events are dana based. Red Cedar Zen Community offers retreats and programs through a multifaceted funding model.  Hard costs (rent, supplies, food, etc.) are covered through a registration fee.  This is usually a sliding scale fee, with those paying at the upper end essentially helping to assist those who have less means receive scholarships.  Each retreat has a limited number of scholarship opportunities available.  

Red Cedar teachers do not receive anything from registration fees for their teaching efforts.  Teachings are offered to all on the basis of the practice of Dana Paramita, generosity.  Traditionally Buddhist teachings have been supported through dana offerings.  You can read more about our practice of Dana Paramita here.  When you register for an event an opportunity will be offered to give dana at that point. You may also make a dana offering on the Donate to a Teacher page at any time. Your gifts are always received with gratitude.

If you have questions about our wilderness programs please contact program coordinator Bob Penny at or 360-927-5702

Upcoming Wilderness Events

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