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Donate to a Teacher

Donations to the Red Cedar Zen teachers make it more possible for us to expand programs and sustain the vision of an engaged Zen practice in the world. Thank you very much.  

You can support the Red Cedar Zen sangha as a whole on the Donation to Red Cedar page.

Dana Paramita is the Buddhist practice of generosity. Teachers for our retreats do not receive anything from registration fees. Instead teachers are supported through gifts of dana. On this page you can send a monetary donation to support a teacher. You can also consider other ways to support our teachers. In the practice of Dana Paramita the act of generosity itself is central.

You can learn more about our practice of Dana Paramita here and more about these teachers here.

Note: If the teacher or leader you wish to express gratitude for is not listed below, you can make a donation to Red Cedar in their name by going HERE and putting their name in the "Tells us about this donation" box.

Offering Dana via Paypal

Dana for Nomon Tim Burnett via PayPal

Or Venmo Nomon Tim directly under @Nomon-Tim-Burnett

Dana for Zoketsu Norman Fischer

Donate on the Everyday Zen donation page

Dana for Seishu John Wiley

Dana for Shudō Chris Burkhart

Dana for Reizan Bob Penny

Dana for Heigaku Talus Latona

Dana for Joden Bob Rose

Bob requests that dana for him be directed as a donation to Red Cedar.

Dana for Ryushin Kate Korn-McKenna

Dana for Seiu Hannah Sullivan

Dana for IkuShun Desiree Webster

Dana for Myoki Raizelah Bayen

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