Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Getting started at Red Cedar Zen


Newcomers are always welcome, and orientations with senior students are available by simply showing up at 6:30pm each Wednesday. This is the most common way to begin. Simply come to Red Cedar Dharma Hall (1021 N. Forest St. in downtown Bellingham) at 6:30pm on a Wednesday. After the 30 minute orientation our main evening of practice is 7pm - 9pm each Wednesday. The evening typically includes sitting and walking meditation, a chanting and bowing ritual, and a Dharma Talk.

Orientation can also be arranged at 11:45am before our Friday noon sits. Just show up or contact us to arrange an orientation. 

See the Weekly Schedule page for more details on our regular schedule.

There is no fee for joining us at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall for practice but donations are always welcome. If you determine that Zen practice and the availability of the Dharma Hall in Bellingham is meaningful to you, we invite you to become a Member.


Our 4-week Introduction to Zen Meditation class is usually offered in February, see the events page. Other classes, workshops, and retreats are offered throughout the year.

Private Interviews

One-on-one interviews with our priest and Spiritual Director, Nomon Tim Burnett, as well as our other teachers and senior students, can be arranged. Interviews are announced during Wednesday night and Saturday morning practice and can also be arranged directly with the teachers. To learn more about our teachers see our Teachers and Leaders page.

Terminology note: dokusan is a private interview with a transmitted priest – in our sangha that’s typically Tim, Ryushin Andrea Thach, or Norman when he’s here. And practice discussion is a private interview with a lay teacher. The two are both private interviews about practice and living the life of a practitioner but dokusan is a bit more formal.


Our priests may be available on request to perform weddings, funerals, and blessing ceremonies. Please contact us to inquire.

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