About Membership

Red Cedar Zen Community is a non-profit with no outside funding source. We rely on a broad base of support to cover the lease of Red Cedar Dharma Hall (approx $3000/month with utilities) and our operating expenses as a non-profit religious organization. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

One way to support our community is to become a member. We have a wide variety of membership levels to choose from, for all income levels. It is not our intention to turn away anyone who is sincerely committed to zen practice. Please see our Membership Form for a list of available membership levels and to start the process of becoming a member or renewing your membership. 

See also an Invitation for Membership from our Guiding Teacher Nomon Tim Burnett.

Red Cedar Zen Community benefits greatly from your membership, but you benefit as well.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Supporting a growing Zen practice community and the Everyday Zen experiment of a committed lay practice.
  2. Access to Guiding Teacher Nomon Tim Burnett. As a Member, you are invited to consider Tim to be your teacher. He is available to meet with you privately in dokusan during most zazen periods at the zendo or to consult with you by phone or email about your practice. Tim is also glad to perform ceremonies for members including weddings, funerals, blessing ceremonies and health and well-being ceremonies at the zendo or your home.
  3. Access to our Revs. Shudo Chris Burkhart, Shuko Edie Norton, and Ryushin Kate McKenna, Lay Entrusted teacher Seishu John Wiley, and Practice Leaders Reizan Bob Penny and Heigaku Talus Latona, who all offer practice discussion on request.
  4. Participation in the Sangha Mentors program in which a priest, Lay Teacher or Practice Leader meets with you in an ongoing way.
  5. Registration fee discount for our retreats held at Red Cedar Dharma Hall.
  6. Eligibility for retreat grants (scholarships for retreats sponsored by other groups) – request the Retreat Grant Application from the membership workgroup.
  7. Use the Hall individually for drop-in practice and study at any time when it is not in use by another group.

Other Ways to Support the Sangha

In addition to becoming a member, there are other ways that you can support the sangha:

  1. DONATE: Make a One Time Donation to Red Cedar Zen Community.
  2. DANA: Support our teachers directly through the Donate to a Teacher page.
  3. HELP US FIND RENTERS: Red Cedar Dharma Hall is available for rent by groups devoted to mindfulness and compassion. Do you know a yoga teacher, a workshop leader, or a group facilitator? We want to share our building as an offering to the community and to create a lively and rich center with many different forms of practice available.
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