Winter 2024 Practice Period

Tuesday, November 07, 2023 4:46 PM | Nomon Tim Burnett (Administrator)

Dear Sangha,

Our annual period of more intensive practice and warm community effort to awaken is just around the corner. While not yet on the website, see the Save the Date announcement in this newsletter.

I'm happy to announce that this year's Shuso (head student) will be Myoki Raizelah Bayen and we'll also be joined by Raizelah's teacher Hoka Chris Fortin from California. Our Benji (Shuso's assistant) will be Junka Ken Oates.

I invite you to think about ways you might bring your practice more into the foreground this winter. Are there other activites you could pause to make more space? You might consider media intake and other entertainments: would it be wise to take a break or reduce? 

You might also start thinking about intentions for a this time of more focussed practice. Are there personal qualities or Dharma materials you've been meaning to focus more on? 

Whether you've formally taken the precepts or not they do offer such powerful guideposts for practice. Is there a precept, or two, that feels especially important in life lately? Practice Period could be a time to gently but firmly bring those precepts often to mind and explore your relationship with them.

I look forward to practicing with you during our annual 8-week deep dive into Buddha, Dharma, and especially Sangha!

Nomon Tim

2024 Practice Period Schedule

Opening Ceremony Thursday January 18th

Opening Sesshin - Thursday January 18th - Saturday January 20th.

Regular Zazen Meetings - Weekday morning, Thursday evenings,1st Sunday mornings

Shuso's Class Monday evenings January 22 - March 4th.

Tea with the Shuso - by arrangement.

Closing Sesshin - Thursday March 14th - Saturday March 16th.

Shuso's Dharma Inquiry Ceremony - Saturday March 16th, 2pm.

SAVE THE DATES - events will be live on the website in a few weeks.

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