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Thanksgiving message from Nomon Tim

Monday, November 21, 2022 9:11 AM | Deleted user

Dear Sangha,

As we approach our national holiday of gratitude there is much to be grateful for in our sangha, in our world. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Red Cedar Zen as an organization and, more importantly, as a group of people pulling together towards peace, clarity, and understanding. 

And I'm grateful that we're gradually making headway on our new building at 2509 Cedarwood (stopped by to take a peek yet?). Hopefully we'll have most of the interior office walls out in the next weeks and we'll be able to have another open house to see emerging possibilities there. Tentatively hold the date of December 10th at 10am for a Building Open House - to be confirmed. Much to be grateful for, so much.

Much to be grateful for, and much to mourn as we take in the news of yet another hate inspired mass shooting. And so many other tragedies and disasters. And that our wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving also rests a false narrative from our dominant culture's oppression of the native cultures that were already here. 

I'm grateful there that the Samish Nation put together this wonderful website of Coast Salish place names and stories with how the words are actually said. Check out how "Whatcom" is truly said! I felt such joy and such sadness and embarrassment that I had no idea that Coast Salish languages include these fabulous sounds - sounds I don't even know how to make. I notice my awareness of these issues comes in waves. Listening carefully to how X’wótqwem is actually said feels like another step in that journey of understanding.

Wishing you joy and peace in the holidays. And I hope many of us will be able to gather for our Zen celebration of gratitude for the example of the Buddha at the Rohatsu Sesshin next week.

Nomon Tim

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