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Welcome to our Annual Fundraising Appeal DONATION

It's our annual appeal this month. We aim to raise money for general operations, retreat scholarships, and future rainy days. You can read more about where we're at in our Annual Appeal Letter. This page right here is the easiest place to make a donation (see that big DONATION button over there?). Below are links to some of the things we've got going on this year at Red Cedar.

Our Wilderness Program is in full swing. Some upcoming trips:Mazama zendo, Mountains and Rivers Hiking Retreat

Here's a sampling of upcoming retreats, ceremonies, and classes:

We also of course have our regular weekly schedule, with sitting, service, and/or private interview Wednesday evenings, Friday midday, and Saturday mornings. 

Ryushin Andrea ThachWhat else has been going on? This spring, in what's known as the Mountain Seat Ceremony, Nomon Tim Burnett became Red Cedar's Guiding Teacher. Zoketsu Norman Fischer stepped into the role of Founding Teacher. 

Here are some photos of that day. Plus an article about it in Northwest Dharma Association News.

Also, Ryushin Andrea Thach joined us as a transmitted teacher from Berkeley in early 2016 -----> 

More here about our dharma teachers, also our lay-entrusted teachers, priests, and practice leaders.

While we're on it. Dharma talks by Red Cedar and visiting teachers since 2014. Astonishing archive. 

Some other good stuff ...

      • We've started a sangha bulletin board where members can connect around community engagement and activism.
      • We've connected with Let Love Be Our Legacy, an interfaith group in Whatcom County promoting compassionate dialogue across differences.
      • We received 501c3 status as a non-profit religious organization. More important than it is exciting.

We hope this August finds you well in body and spirit. Please connect with us in the ways that feel meaningful to you. If donation is one – lovely. You might also read this invitation to membership from Nomon Tim Burnett.

It's said that in the perfection of giving, dana paramita, giver, receiver, and gift disappear. Read about dana paramita here.

Deep bow, thank you.


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