Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington


Here are the workgroups and committees that keep Red Cedar Zen Community running. Most can be joined without any special training. At any given time some will be actively looking for new members. If you're interested in joining one or in finding out more, please see the contact information below. (Coordinators – please help keep this page current by e-mailing changes to the Volunteer Coordinator, Christopher Patton, at

Groups open to join – no special training needed

We're always glad to have help with our day-to-day operations. You can read more about what each of these workgroups does here. No special training is needed, though for some, prior expertise may be helpful. Anyone interested in joining one of the groups below should contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

(* = actively seeking new volunteers)

Building Workgroup
Hall Manager – Scott Allen (coordinator)
Shopper – John Novotny
Wayne Weinschenk

Gardens Workgroup
Bob Penny (coordinator)
Tuli Candela
Dale Withers
John Wiley
Kalen Jordan
Jane Leedon

Library Workgroup *
Edie Norton
Mary Durbrow
BIMS Members

Membership Workgroup
Terrill Thompson (coordinator, outgoing)
New members needed!

Finance Workgroup

Treasurer – Bernadette Prinster (coordinator)
Bookkeepr – Ed Wayt
Clerk – John Wiley

Fundraising Workgroup
Christopher Patton (coordinator)
Dianne Latona 

Website & Technology Workgroup *
Terrill Thompson (coordinator)
Talus Latona
Tim Burnett

Family Promise Workgroup
Barbara Johnson (coordinator)
Judith Koontz
Tuli Candela
Marilyn Withers
John Novotny
Connie Martin
Bernadette Prinster
Hannah Sullivan
Tim Burnett
Dale Withers
Marion Heyn
Ryan Wenzel
John Wiley
Elizabeth MacDonald
Karen McMains
Wayne Weinschenk
Janice Richardson
Taliesin Tyndall
Melissa Money
Rei Greene

Groups open to join – training involved

People on the doan-ryo list perform roles in the zendo during zazen and services – for instance, timing meditation periods, ringing bells during chanting. Other positions help to keep the zendo running smoothly during weekly programs and special retreats. Volunteers are welcome! Anyone interested in training for one of these positions should contact the ino (zendo coordinator) at

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