Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Current list of Red Cedar Zen Volunteers and Positions

Details on these positions can be found under job descriptions and workgroup descriptions. An effort will be made to link the information about each position to this page as we go, but the main purpose here is to have a single master list of all current volunteers in one place.  Please see Board President Ken Oates ( with questions and offers to help.
Board of Directors
Board President - Ken Oates
Board Vice President - Chris Patton
Board Secretary - Bernadette Prinster
Board Treasurer - Talus Latona
Director-at-Large - Tuli Candela
Guiding Teacher - Tim Burnett, ex officio

Building Related Positions
Library volunteers - Edie Norton
Hall Manager - Scott Allen
Building Repair  - Don McClary
Shoppers - John Novotny
Lobby Info - Marilyn Withers

Back Garden Coordinator - Bob Penny
Back Garden - Tuli Candela, Dale Withers, John Wiley
Front Garden - Kalen Jordan, Jane Leedon

Fundraising Workgroup
Dianne Latona, Chris Patton

Outreach & Communication
Events Coordinator - Johnathan Riopelle 
Poster Maker - _________ (open)
Zendo Positions
Ino (Zendo coordinator) - Hannah Sullivan
Altar Chiden - Judith Koontz, Karen McMains
Flower Chiden - Collette Riopelle, Barbara Johnson
Sewing Teacher - Chris Burkhart
Tenzo (head cook) - Bob Rose
Registrar - Michael Kelberer, Judith Koontz
Work Leader (Sat. morning) - Tuli Candela
Friday host - Tim Burnett, Karen McMains
Saturday host - Dave Lynch, Judith Koontz
Wilderness Programs - Bob Penny

Ongoing Doan-ryo (doan, kokyo, tenken) - a pool of members from which the Ino invites volunteers for our weekly practices. Help to time zazen, ring bells and lead chants. Contact the Ino to receive training and be added to the list.

Practice Committee (subset of the senior students + ino)
Tim Burnett, Chris Burkhart, Kate McKenna, Connie Martin, Hannah Sullivan

Membership Workgroup
Terry Thompson, Desiree Webster, Kalen Jordan

Finance Committee
Bursar - Bernadette Prinster
Clerk - John Wiley
Bookkeeper - ________ (open)
Treasurer - Talus Latona

Website & Technology
Terry Thompson, Talus Latona, Tim Burnett
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