Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Spiritual Director, Red Cedar Zen Community – Position Description

  • Zendo
    • Oversee Zen forms and event schedule with input from the Practice Committee
    • Finalize weekly detailed schedules in cooperation with the Ino
    • Attend at least half of all regularly scheduled zendo events. Of primary importance to be present for the main weekly meeting (Wednesday evening currently). Coordinate with other priests and leaders to lead events when Director is not present.
    • Attend all scheduled sesshin/retreats/workshops and oversee organization of events (but seek skillful delegation and maintenance of workgroup structures and clear volunteer positions that distribute the effort).
  • Organizational
    • Ongoing member of the Board of Directors
    • Oversee workgroups: Zendo & Programs, Practice Committee, Website & Technology
    • Consult with workgroups: Buildings & Gardens, Membership, Building Management
    • With President or other Board delegate, represent RCZC in building lease negotiations
    • Available to all membership with organizational or spiritual concerns but in many cases serving to direct them on to the appropriate Board member, leader, or group.
  •  Broader Community
    • With the current President the public face of the organization to the community
    • Long term relationship with current landlord
    •  Respond to outside requests for speakers and ritual offerings, as appropriate referring requests to other sangha priests and leaders
  • Teaching
    • Ultimately responsible, in consultation with other teachers and leaders, for the expression of Dharma in the sangha
    • Support emerging teachers in the sangha to give talks, offer classes, give practice discussion
    •                                                i.     Regular meetings and informal contact
    •                                              ii.     Available to other teachers on request
    •                                             iii.     Offer feedback as appropriate
    • Coordinate sangha priests in taking up appropriate roles in the sangha
    • Provide regular dokusan for all members
    • Work with students as applicable towards jukai and priest ordination
    • Craft newsletters and other messages and web postings to encourage the practice and understanding of the sangha
    • Ongoing support to members in crisis (in some cases serving members who are not coming to the zendo or are at a distance)
    • Understand and seek to teach the ways in which all aspects of Sangha life, including organizational duties and interpersonal challenges, can be seen as valuable training
  • 5.     Additional Duties currently held (10/2015) which could be fulfilled by others
    • Website updates
    • Building maintenance
    • Outreach and schedule updates to members

Position Qualifications:
Ordained Soto Zen priest (may be novice priest if under supervision of ordination teacher) with at least ten years of experience in small sangha(s) having held most volunteer positions, served on Boards of Directors, and demonstrating stability of character and an aptitude for communication..

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