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Online Retreat Resources

This special page will now have all of the links and resources for our online retreats.
Bookmark this page, find it under the Practice menu, or remember www.redcedarzen.org/online-retreats

Dokusan Sign up

Dokusan is a private interview with a teacher.

Click the appropriate link below to go to a Dokusan Request form for the teacher of your choice in the current sesshin. You may also make your request before sesshin starts.

More Useful Links

  • Memorial and well being listsadd any names for our morning health and well-being and memorial ceremonies each morning.
  • Downloadable Printable Chant Book (click the link to download our chant book as a PDF document reformatted for home printers)
  • Meal Chant we’ll do before each meal break

Zoom Room Access

Internet out or no access to a gadget? You can also connect to the Virtual Zendo by telephone.

Dial 253-215-8782, enter our Meeting ID: 560 179 1305.

Please contact info@redcedarzen.org for the passcode.

To mute and unmute when connected by phone press *6.


Dana (teacher donations)

Our retreat teachers and hike leaders are not compensated from registration fees. Please make a dana donation online with the Dana for Teachers Page.

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