Full Day Retreat Schedule

6:00am zazen (opening with robe chant and priest's jundo)

6:25am kinhin

6:35am zazen

7:00am kinhin

7:10am zazen

7:40am service (servers to kitchen)

8:00am soji (temple cleaning)

8:15am oryoki breakfast

9:00am break (breakfast cleanup)

10:00 Zazen

10:30am kinhin

10:40am Dharma Talk

11:30am kinhin

11:40am zazen 

12:10pm service  

12:20 sack lunch

1:00 break (lunch cleanup)

2:00 zazen

2:30 kinhin

2:40 zazen

3:10 kinhin 

3:20 zazen (20 min) (servers to kitchen)

3:40 tea

4:00 kinhin (20 Min.) (tea crew's tea & clean up)

4:20 zazen

4:50 service (servers stay in zendo)

5:00 Refuges and Close

Red Cedar Zen Community

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