April 17 Tech Work Party

  • Dharma talks
    • blog entries or pages? 
    • text macro for <audio> tag quick entry? 
  • Docs menu structure 
    • looks like there are access problems when 3 levels deep
    • a template page that does an automatic child menu possible?
  • HTML clean up
    • see Terry's procedure
  • Rental Pages not transferred from dharmahall.redcedarzen.org
    • need final rental policy docs from Edie too
1. Inspect HTML of main content to be sure it's in zoneContent (I'm using Firebug for that). 
  If it's in another zone, click the "Edit" button and drag it to its appropriate zone. 
  Most pages are in zoneHeader4, which is the zone immediately above zoneContent, so you only need to drag the content and drop it into the zone immediately below the one it's in.

2. Click in the zone to edit the content. 

3. Select the main heading, and change it to a "Heading 1". If there is no heading at the top of the page, add one that reflects the page's content. 

4. If there are any subheadings, select those and change them to "Heading 2". Repeat this procedure with additional sub-headings if they exist, using "Heading 3", "Heading 4", and so on as needed to form an outline of the content. 

5. Select all content in the zone (Ctrl + A in Windows, Command + A in Mac), then click the eraser tool in the toolbar to remove inline styles. 

6. If the Heading1 appears to be too close to the content below it, or if formatting is otherwise odd, click the HTML button and inspect the code. Edit as needed. Generally the code should be very clean and simple, with no <div> elements or <head> elements, just headings, paragraphs, and lists (and maybe an occasional table or image). 

7. Click the "Save" button. 

8. Inspect the HTML again to be sure the content is now in .zoneContent. 

Public Website

 Migration Step/Notes Status
 Copy/Paste content 3/10/15 - Chris has pasted almost all of it (wow!)
  3/23/15 - Tim set page to public status (hint: toggle parent page)
 Menu Organization 3/23/15 - Tim took a stab at a new organization.
  1. Folded former Info under new About and expanded Practice
  2. Info place holder page is in a broken state, can't delete it
  3. Moved Workgroups to far right and renamed "Docs" - I think people will get us to that, it's all the docs for our sangha and short is beautiful in top level menu names
 Membership  & Donations Forms  Need to hook up PayPal in the settings - do we just need the right email address or do we have to actually be able to login to PayPal?
 CSS Clean UpChange theme (Theme Overrides? Different Starter Theme?) to be closer to original site look & feel.
Terry is working on this.
 HTML Clean Up1. Remove font-level tagging on all copied pages. Hint: the Eraser control in the editor toolbar is our friend. 
2. Ensure proper HTML heading structure on all pages (H1 for main heading, H2 for subheadings, H3 for sub-sub-headings if needed) 
Assembly-line task for a hackathon?
 Images  Bulk transfer images from WordPress to WildApricot
 Internal Links All copy-pasted content has links back to old site
Assembly-line task for a hackathon?

Sangha Documents (former Workgroups Website using Google Sites)

 Migration Step/Notes Status
Copy/Paste content  Most documents copies over (thanks, Chris!), some of the schedules not yet done I think
 HTML clean up Some minutes have outer div with overflow:hidden 
 Placement / Access Now in public site far right, Docs menu. Do we want these to be Members only?

Events (formerly Event Espresso)

 Migration Step/Notes Status
 Hook up PayPal We just need the primary email address? John Wiley is our access point if we need to log in to PayPal.
 Set up SamishDeadline! April 1st is the published opening date. 
3/23/15 - Tim will take a stab at this pronto. Kevin needs to be available to review.
 Set up Summer Hiking Events Now with this friendly events system let's have everything require at least an RSVP and show Bob how to check the list

Membership & Contacts (formerly sanghasoftware.com + other docs)

 Migration Step/Notes Status / Details
 Figure out what to do about membership levels Terry & Tim are debating - provide lots of levels or try to drive people with "other" amounts to a standard list of membership levels?
Import Membership dataQuestions to answer before proceeding: 
1. How to structure membership levels (see above) 
2. Whether to continue having "Friends" category, distinct from Members
3. How to import current pledge/payment fields (e.g., payment method, recurring vs. non, monthly vs annual)  
Contacts (mailing list) form online Currently a starter at Support->Mailing List but that's not an obvious spot 
Need to review fields available to people (e.g. 2015 Member s/b admin only)
Need new Volunteer Interests choices

Membership also requires PayPal hooked up 
 Sangha Directory Use a Member Directory gadget in a members only page? Some questions about how to select the fields to show.
 Members Only Content What do we want to hide from the rest of the world (besides sangha directory?) and where should it be positioned in the menus. Current menu list is short enough I think we can add a "Members Only" or "Members" top level menu.

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