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The Kagan Village Project 

NOTE: This is a project organized by several member of Red Cedar Zen Community it is not an official project of Red Cedar Zen. No funds involved in this project come from RCZC membership dues or the RCZC annual budget. 
[See the Kagan Project Updates page for the latest news.]


Global Person-to-Person Help

A project initiated by members of Red Cedar Zen Community.

The Kagan Village Project has grown out of the 10 years of educational support given to a promising young woman in Kenya named Mercy Ukumu by Tim Burnett’s family.  Some members of Red Cedar Zen have decided to continue Tim’s support of this family and community in two ways:  The Kagen Education Project and The Kagen Irrigation Project.  We hope that you, too, will want to help.    

The Kagan Education Project will initially focus on sending Donneta Ukumu to Kenyatta University to become a Special Education teacher. Our goal is $1,000/year for 4 years.

The Kagan Irrigation Project will fund a diesel water pump and other needed supplies to enable small-scale agricultural irrigation on the small family farms of Kagan Village (Homa Bay County, Western Kenya). This is a one-time project with a goal of $1,000.

Our U.S. Dollars go incredibly far in helping to change lives in this community on the other side of the world. Please help with this direct application of our generosity practice.    

Please write checks to Tim Burnett and drop them at the Dharma Hall labeled "Kagan Village Project" or use the PayPal link below to PayPal funds to TIm.

Cash or check at the Dharma Hall is simpler for us.

Complete Details on the Project (6-page PDF)

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