Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

RCZC Board Vice President Job Description 

The board vice president’s chief responsibilities are to attend board meetings and to be prepared to assume the role and functions of the board president when the president is away.  The vice president’s duties on the board and in sangha leadership break down as follows:

Meeting Participation and Leadership – The board vice president—

  • Contributes items to board meeting agendas and takes an active role in discussing issues and making board decisions.
  • Helps to organize and play a role in the RCZC Annual Meeting in January.
  • Substitutes for the board president at board meetings or other meetings when the president is absent.
  • Follows up on action items assigned by the board.

Workgroup Support – The board vice president--

  • Inquires at appropriate intervals about the workgroups the VP supports as to the needs of those functions and suggestions they have for improvements and reports to the board. The VP’s workgroup assignments vary depending on his/her skills and interests. In the past the VP has supported the Outreach and Welcome workgroups, both of which have evolved into other workgroups. Current and future needs for VP support might be the Building and Gardens workgroup and the Annual Fund workgroup.

Special Projects – The board vice president—

  • May volunteer or accept responsibility for special projects that the board requests and that no one else in the volunteer organization is available to do—always, of course, as is appropriate to the VP’s skills, interests and time availability.

Minimum Qualifications—

  • Regular involvement in sangha activities for a minimum of one year
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other board members and volunteers
  • Capacity to serve in role a minimum of two years

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