RCZC Board Treasurer Job Description

The RCZC board treasurer’s chief responsibilities include managing RCZC’s financial operations and overseeing the QuickBooks bookkeeper and clerk roles.

Financial Management duties

  • Supervise QuickBook financial reports created monthly
  • Oversee work of paid QuickBooks bookkeeper and provide support
  • Oversee work of RCZC clerk (clerk on a weekly basis collects, records and deposits all incoming money and notifies appropriate RCZC volunteers of transactions)
  • Oversee work of gate keeper (gate keeper pays bills, sets up automatic bill payments for recurring bills, keeps track of bank account activity)
  • Provide quarterly financial reports to board and on request
  • Advise the board on all organizational decisions having financial consequences

Regulatory Requirement duties

  • Assures RCZC meets record keeping obligations as registered non-profit corporation with Washington State and as a registered 501(c)(3) organization with IRS

Finance Committee duties

  • Convene finance committee (treasurer, clerk,  gatekeeper) as needed to discuss and give input to the board on financial matters such as 501(c)(3) status
  • Prepare the annual budget and annual financial reports for the board and for the Annual Meeting in January

Annual Budget duties

  • With the help of the Finance Committee, draft the annual budget to present to the board
  • Guide the board through consideration of proposed budget items and their implications for organizational focus and/or limitation for the coming year
  • Finalize the annual budget and presents it to the board and publish it for the sangha by March 1

Minimum Qualifications—

  • Accounting background desirable but detail orientation and skill at accounting record keeping sufficient; can use or willing to learn QuickBooks basics
  • Some years practicing Zen
  • Experience supervising people
  • Capacity to serve in role a minimum of two years 

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