Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

RCZC Board Secretary Job Description

Board and Annual Meeting Responsibilities—The secretary--

  • Attends board meetings and takes minutes on discussions topics and board decisions
  • Posts a draft of the minutes on the website for the board to review and edit. see Posting Board Minutes
  • When the editing is finished, sends an email to all sangha members with a link to the completed minutes
  • Posts a copy of the board minutes in the dharma hall
  • In coordination with the Board President, sends out a reminder about the board meeting and a request for agenda items.  The agenda is compiled by the president and/or the secretary
  • Takes minutes at the annual meeting in January and posts the finished minutes on the website and sends an email to all sangha members with a link to the minutes
  • At the annual meeting, has each RCZC board member sign the conflict of interest policy and note in the minutes that the policy has been signed

Board Meeting Participation—The secretary--

  • Attends board meetings
  • Helps with budget planning and big picture, long range planning
  • Contributes agenda items to board meetings and participates in discussions and decision making
  • Along with other board members, may take on special projects that the board requests
  • Follows up on action items assigned by the board

Workgroup Support—The secretary--

  • Supports the Membership and Member Support Workgroup
  • Stays in touch with members of the workgroup to see how they are doing and what they may need to do their work
  • Checks to see if they have suggestions about their workgroup
  • Makes periodic reports to the board about how the group is doing

Minimum Qualifications

  • Regular involvement in sangha activities for a minimum of one year
  • Ability to work together with other board members and volunteers
  • Able to serve in this role for a minimum of two years

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