Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

RCZC Board President Job Description   

The board president’s chief responsibilities are to; prepare for and lead board meetings and the annual meeting; represent the RCZC organization in official and legal matters; and support the other board members and their workgroups in carrying out their responsibilities.  These duties break down as follows:

Meeting Preparation and Leadership – The board president—

  • Upon receipt from the Secretary of board member input for meeting agendas, organizes meeting agendas, prepares printed copies for members, and leads meeting discussions, noting action items and asking board members to volunteer to carry them out.
  • Also contributes items to the meeting agendas, particularly around board leadership and communication issues.
  • With the board, organizes and leads the RCZC Annual Meeting in January.
  • According to what organization needs occur during the board president’s tenure, identifies policies and procedures that may be needed or updated so that the organization runs smoothly. The president’s focus will vary depending on what the organizational needs are at the time and the skills and abilities the president brings to his/her tenure.

Official Spokesperson for RCZC – The board president—

  • Responds to inquires and signs legal documents for the organization—e.g., state forms (Nonprofit Corp Annual Report, Responsible Party form 8822-B), liability insurance forms, corporate matching gift program forms, etc.
  • With board input and support, teams with Tim, the Spiritual Director, to negotiate periodic renewal of building lease agreements (or negotiate a new building lease). This responsibility includes prior or concurrent negotiations with BIMS regarding their rental payments to RCZC.
  • Remains alert to the myriad details of organization life and responds through the board members and/or workgroups as appropriate or directly as needed—e.g., door code changes, rodent infestations, use of the facility, communications and planning with our key lessor, BIMS, etc.

Board and Workgroup Support – The board president—

  • Inquires at appropriate intervals about workgroup activities and board member needs in supporting their workgroups.
  • Supports assigned workgroups (currently Annual Fund and Building & Gardens workgroups).
  • Helps problem solve challenges volunteers face in carrying out their work.
  • With other board members, identifies communication and coordination problems and helps solve them.
  • Volunteers for some workgroup tasks if and when a board member or workgroup volunteer in not able to do needed work in a timely manner (e.g. membership tasks, building rental program tasks).

Minimum Qualifications –

  • Regular involvement in RCZC activities for at least one year
  • Leadership and/or management skills and experience
  • Capacity to serve in role a minimum of two years

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