Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Zendo & Programs Workgroup

Overview of Responsibilities: Programs, Events, and Zendo practice.
Task List:
  • Zendo: organized, altars clean, flowers, maintain sacred space.
  • Ritual: Prepare for and perform rituals, training in bells, doan and chant books.
  • Retreats: planning and organizing
  • Cooking: kitchen & oryoki practice
  • Sewing practice.
  • Host weekly sits.


Current Members and areas of emphasis 

Organization/Leadership/Special Ceremonies: Tim Burnett 

Ino (Zendo Coordinator): Kate McKenna

Assistant Ino: Connie Martin

Chiden (altar cleaning): Karen McMains

Flower Chiden: Elizabeth Caldarelli

Sewing: Chris Burkhart

Retreat Managers Edie Norton, John Wiley, Nancy Welch, others

Registrar: Kevin Connor 

Cooking: Bob Rose (Tenzo), Chris Burkhart (Fukuten)

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