Work Leader Job Description

The work leader organizes the work done during:
  1. Weekly soji (on Saturday morning)
  2. Monthly work days (on Wednesday evening)
  3. At retreats at the Dharma Hall, or retreats at Samish
  4. At quarterly work days / work weekends.
  5. People helping as needed when they're in the Hall
One person could be Work Leader for one or more of these 5 times of work. It's helpful especially to have one person focussed on the Weekly Soji on Saturday mornings.

Be familiar with the Housekeeping Tasks and keep an eye on things with the eye of the Work Leader when in the Hall
Look around before the Work Period to see what is especially needed and that we have the tools and materials required
Sometimes the Work Leader has to wing it and hasn't had time to prepare much, this works out okay too.

Work Meeting
Open the meeting with a bow and a brief explanation that this is a period of silent, mindful work. Mention where the supplies and tools are and that at the end of work there will be a signal to return to the Lobby to bow out. If you believe anyone is likely to complete a task before the end of work invite them to come find you for another task.

Assign tasks - this can be a mix of your requesting that people do things and asking for volunteers but it's essential that it be quick and focussed, not a group conversation but a task assignment process you are facilitating.

During Work
Give yourself a task that keeps you visible and available to help. 

End of Work
When it's time to end (know when) do a roll down on the clackers followed by a single hit. If there are people downstairs or outside start there and do another roll down upstairs also.
Once everyone has returned to the lobby lead a closing bow and say thank you. 
If anyone reports missing materials or supplies list the needs for the Shopper on the clipboard downstairs.

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