SeaTac transportation coordination email

For helping people get from Samish to SeaTac send a coordination email like the following and let them work it out.

Dear Samish attendees,

We're writing to you to ask for your help in coordinating transportation from SeaTac airport to the Samish sesshin site on Samish Island in the Skagit Valley. Red Cedar Zen is not able to arrange this and we hope that via email you will be able to help each other out. We did do some research on options which we hope will be helpful to you.

We are including you in the email because you are either flying into SeaTac airport or you live somewhere more or less in the neighborhood of SeaTac and we wonder if you might be available to pick someone up. Please feel under no obligation, if your schedule or vehicle is not convenient for this, the people flying in can take care of themselves in other ways.

There are three reasonable ways of getting from SeaTac to Samish Island. Samish Island is about 1 1/2 hours by car from SeaTac airport.
1) team up with a 2 - 4 others to rent a car - this is the most self-reliant option
2) arrange a ride with someone else coming to sesshin 
3) take the Bell-Air airporter shuttle to the Bellingham "GuestHouse Inn" (not Burlington) stop and arrange with us to send someone to pick you up there, we have many people coming from the north and the Bellingham / GuestHouse Inn stop is very easy to get to.

1) Renting a Car - an economy car should fit 4 people and luggage and they can be rented at SeaTac. 
   An online search using suggests that a car can be rented for 8 days for $300 total cost (including taxes),
        or $75/person if four of you can go in on it.
   Note that you should be on the road by 3pm on Friday to arrive in time for the 5pm orientation and that we are done with sesshin at noon on Saturday,
   so you will probably be able to return the car at about 2pm. 

2) Arranging a ride. Please do a reply-all to this message if you are able to offer a ride or are looking for a ride. And please include your flight times as needed.

3) Bell-Air shuttle - Schedules and rates are at - 
        Direct link to the SeaTac-Bellingham timetable is:  The Bellingham stop is labeled "GuestHouse Inn"
        The shuttle leaving SeaTac between 11am and 1pm are the best options, arriving in Bellingham at 1:30pm - 3:30pm gives us plenty of time to come get you.
        The shuttle leaving SeaTac at 3pm (note no 2pm departure) is a bit late but could work in a pinch.
        Far is $34 one-way and $60 round trip. 
        If you book the Bell-Air shuttle for the return, the 3:15pm GuestHouse Inn pick up (SeaTac 5:45pm) is easy to get you to, the 1:15pm (SeatTac 3:45) is also do-able, earlier than that requires leaving Sesshin early.
        Rides back to SeaTac may be easy to arrange on site at Samish, however.

People flying into SeaTac
joanna Katz (845) 532-1425  New Paltz
Nate  Thomson 740-818-3624  Athens
Katie  Pearce 
Laura Trippi 707-879-8647  Tomales
John High 718-208-6164  Brooklyn
John Bailes 6174407970  Somerville
Jeff Buchella 520-343-3923  Tucson
Fenton Johnson 415-235-7898  Tucson

people driving from, or through, Seattle area        
Joesph Ryan 206 402 9938  Seattle
David Levy 206-931-3987  Seattle
J Lee Nelson 206 284 9886  Seattle
Kenn Sandell 206-372-0863  Seattle
john bazzi 206-532-0312 s Seattle
Lesli Dalaba 206-632-0283 Seattle
Ewan Magie 206-784-5429  Seattle
Jeff Kelley 612-275-9919 Seattle
Brian Retford 2063497060  Seattle
Jeff Bickner 415 485-6768  Fairfax

A few suggestions on ride share arrangement: 
For those who might be able to give rides:
There is an opportunity here to do someone a good turn and get to know a new dharma friend AND we will probably all be scrambling in various ways to get to Samish on time for the Friday 5pm orientation. Please offer what you can but feel no guilt or shame if you not able to offer a ride this year.   

For those flying in:

Please be as self-reliant as you can be in getting yourself to Samish. There are a bunch of you flying in and it may or may not be practical for Seattle area people to give you a ride. And please be as clear and succinct as you can in email about this so things don't get too confusing. If you do not need a ride, feel free to reply-all and say so.

All of us using our email in the next weeks
Be patient with the little flurry of email that will emerge from this. We know we didn't ask the Seattle area people if they are willing to be a part of this little deal and we may look at something in the registration for next year where you can let us know if you want to be a part of it. If you don't, please delete this message and the next bunch.

We are always challenged by this logistic. If you have any thoughts for how to do this in the future you can let us know.

Tim Burnett - Retreat Manager  (
Karen McMains - Registrar    (

Red Cedar Zen Community

p.s. Nick Phillips, super rides bodhisattva of last year, is not attending Samish this year.

Red Cedar Zen Community

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