Samish Tenken Schedule

Regular Schedule - Saturday through Friday:

4:50 1 hit han, light small candle, 
5:00 ring wake-up bell, 2 hits han
5:15 light altar 
5:20 Ten Minute Han
5:30 Zazen (Ino does big bells w/prostrations; after jundo, you ring 3 bells with doshi's bows 
 (O at mat, O while bowing towards his/her cushion & O while bowing to sangha. Ring 2 bells to end zazen and signal kinhin )
6:00 Kinhin Strike clackers once to start kinhin. X   Some people exit to bathroom.
6:10 Strike clackers to end kinhin, walk back to your cushion and lead bow to sit.  
6:10 Zazen (ring 3 bells to begin. Ring 2 bells to end )
6:40 Kinhin
6:50 Zazen (ring 3 bells to begin. Ring 1 bell to end ) 
7:12 Light candles on side altars
7:15 Service (play makugyo for all chants in Japanese;  extinguish candles)
7:40 Breakfast, followed by break - extinguish all candles

9:08 light altar - large candle only
9:10 Ten Minute Han
9:20 Zazen (Ino does bells to start)
9:50 Kinhin 
10:00 Zazen
10:30 Kinhin  Light side altar candles for dharma talk.     
10:40 Dharma Talk (Ino does bells)
11:30 Kinhin (15 minutes) (Dharma talk may not end at 11:30. If so, alter time of kinhin and zazen so that service begins at 12:05)
11:45 Zazen
12:02 Light candles on side altars
12:05 Service (no makugyo except Wed. for H&WB Ceremony, Enmei Jukku )
12:20 Lunch, followed by break - extinguish all candles

1:40 Organizer's Mtg (Retreat Manager, Jisha, Ino, Registrar, Work Leader - dokusan waiting rm)
1:50 Ten Minute Han using echo han near dining hall
2:00 Work meeting
2:55 ring dining room railroad bell to signal end of work
3:00 End work

3:13 light altar - large candle only
3:15 Ten Minute Han
3:25 Zazen (Ino does bells to start) (No bell to end. Soku signals end) 
3:55 Tea (at end, 2 rings after Ino's 2 clacks on the clackers)
4:15 informal outdoor walking
4:40 Roll down and single loud hit on the han
4:45 Zazen
5:12 Light candles on side altars
5:15 Service (play makugyo for Dai Hi Shin Dharani, including Memorial Service on Friday night) 
5:30 Dinner, followed by break - extinguish all candles

7:02 light altar - large candle only
7:05 Ten Minute Han 
7:15 Zazen (Ino does bells to start) 
7:45 Kinhin
7:55 Zazen 
8:25 Kinhin
8:35 Zazen
8:55 Refuges exit bells: one ring as doshi bows at end of chant (be ready),  ding, ding as doshi & jisha exit zendo area  
9:00 End of day - extinguish all candles
Approx 9:30 "Firewatch":  walk around the camp checking that common lights are out, candles are out in zendo, samovar is unplugged in tea hut, kitchen is safe, say goodnight to any camp staff you see - make sure all is peaceful. 

Saturday - Close of Sesshin 

4:50 1 hit han, light small candle, ring wake-up bell, 2 hits han 
5:15 light altar - large candle only
5:00 Wake-up bell
5:20 Ten Minute Han 
5:30 Zazen (Ino does big bells, you do small bells after jundo) 
6:00 Shosan setup  help move cushions, when setup is done signal everyone to come back in with roll down on clackers 
6:15 Shosan Ceremony  just participate in ceremony, no special jobs 
7:40 Breakfast (informal)
8:00 Break/Clean out cabins/Pack up.

9:55 Roll down and single loud hit on the han
10:00 Work Meeting, Clean up camp, Load up please stay to help if you do not have a flight to catch  
11:00 hit han when work leader sees people are done 
11:30 Closing Circle (end of sesshin) 

First Friday - Beginning of Retreat

4:00 pm arrive, finish registration, settle into room, 
cushions to zendo
5:20 ring dining room bell - not too vigorously as it's also used as a fire alarm for the island
5:25 ring dining room bell again
5:30 pm Orientation (dining room)
6:30 Dinner (informal)

8:08 light altar - main candle only
8:10 Ten Minute Han 
8:20 Zazen (Ino does bells)
8:50 Ino's announcements followed by
9:10 Refuges Ring the exit bells, regular timekeeper bell (not inkin), one ring as doshi bows at end of chant (be ready), 2nd ring as doshi & jisha exit zendo area

Wednesday as usual, except

Health & Well Being ceremony at 12:05pm play makugyo for En Mei Jukku Kannon Gyo

Thursday as usual, except 

4:15 Outdoor walking - help set up ceremony
4:55 Roll down and single loud hit on the han
5:00 Gratitude and Apology Ceremony 
5:30 Dinner

Notes : 

Wake up bell:

  • one loud hit on han on way to zendo
  • wake-up bell should be under altar
  • light large candle at altar, three prostrations with bell to your side in front of bowing mat
  • walk around zendo counter-clockwise, ringing bell, loudly in each corner
  • snuff candle, leave zendo with bell
  • run around camp, right in front of doors of all cabins and e-cabins ringing bell loudly
  • after last cabin, stop ringing, walk (quickly but you can take a break from running) to han
  • two loud hits says end of wake up 
  • put bell back under altar

Zazen periods: 

  • Zazen always starts with 3 rings on the bell.
  • Bells to start zazen after a break or start of day ("opening the zendo") are coordinated with the priest offering incense:
  1. bows at mat after incense offering
  2. bows towards seat
  3. bows away from seat
  • If zazen is followed by kinhin it is ended with 2 rings on the bell.
  • If zazen is followed by anything else it is ended with 1 ring on the bell.


  • Han should be very loud. Go for it. Ear plugs available.
  • Echo han player echoes you through the 2nd roll down

Lighting the Altar: 

  • Lighting the altar and snuffing candles when we leave is your job. Before services and talks you get up during zazen or come over during kinhin to light the altar so that it is already lit when you ring the bell for service.

Altar lighting procedures:

Before a zendo opening 
  • light large candle only
Before a Dharma Talk:
  • large candle already lit.
  • light Bodhisattva's candles on side altars
Before a service
  • large candle already lit.
  • light Bodhisattva's candles on side altars

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