Samish Work Sesshin Job Assignments

Red Cedar Guiding Teacher: Nomon Tim Burnett

Jisha (teacher's assistant): Kate McKenna

Retreat Manager: Tuli Candela
Ino (head of Zendo)
Chris Burkhart
Registrar / Dana: Judith Koontz
Work Leader
:  Tim Burnett

Doshi: Tim Burnett
Dokusan: Nomon Tim Burnett
Sewing Teacher: Chris Burkhart

Tenken (time keeper, including wake up bell):  Lo Reamick
Doan (bell ringer) Ewan Magie                                                       
Kokyo (chant leader): Tuli Candela

Chiden (altar cleaner): Judith Koontz
Flower Chidens: Bernadette Prinster
Soku (head server): Carrie Stambaugh
Server: John Novotny 
(serving Crew to Kitchen during services)

Breakfast Dishes (to kitchen after breakfast):  Kate McKenna, Katia Franz-Garrison
Lunch Dishes (to kitchen after lunch): Debra Goldman, Mary Corcoran
Dinner Dishes: (to kitchen after dinner): Carrie Stambaugh, Bernadette Prinster

Tenzo: Joden Bob Rose
Assistant Tenzo: Reizan Bob Penny
Breakfast assistant cook (to kitchen at 6:00am): Marilyn Withers
Lunch assistant cook (to kitchen at 9:20am): Ewan Magie
Dinner assistant cook (to kitchen at 2:00pm): Elizabeth MacDonald
Evening prep cook (to kitchen at 7:15pm):
John Novotny

General Labor for work period: (Some people assigned to the above jobs may be excused
from the afternoon work period. The work leader will let you know during the work meeting.) 
Everyone else will receive a work assignment from the Work Leader during daily Work Meeting.


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