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Samish Refinements

Refinements for 2019
  • when someone cancels, put the waitlist person in right away and then cancel them right away
  • when someone cancels, put in a "placeholder" registrant to save the slot until it can be filled from the waitlist (avoids having registration become re-enabled with a cancellation)
  • come up with a list of spreadsheets for google sheet, such as non-standard schedules (as much as we try to avoid them, there are not zero) or maybe that goes in internal notes
  • post workzen jobs people list only in two locations, dining hall and zendo, since they change so much
  • implement shuttle coordinator, including on workzen jobs list

Refinements for 2017
  • print outs - get postings (schedule, job assignments, seating absence) to be larger when printed
    (difficult to still fit on one page. part of the problem may be conversion from previous technologies.
    may be we need to clean out more html formatting and/or mess with a printing style sheet that makes text bigger on print
  • retreat manager tracking - what was Talus unable to track inside Wild Apricot and thus needed spreadsheets? can we integrate systems better?
  • seat numbers - add seat number column to relevant sign up sheets (dokusan for others, what else?)
  • jobs notification - can we semi-automate job assignment notifications using Wild Apricot? left as a manual email task
    jobs notifications didn't happen for some of the larger jobs in 2016
  • second set of earmuffs
  • electrical tape for ??
  • schedule changes - consider wake up bell 10 minutes earlier (4:50) - be a lot more useful to sangha as a wake up; Thursday late afternoon change to usual length of outdoor walking, then 15 minute zazen, then Samish G & A ceremony.
  • some incense - Tim felt incense important for Samish Gratitude & Apology ceremony. Pack the kobako.
  • dana box set up: add to pack list both small envelopes for misc teachers and large envelopes to label of main teachers
  • write sesshin guidelines for orientation: write clear/concise page of the main rule of sesshin that is read in a semi-ritual way and also posted in the dining hall (there were so many old timers we felt resistant to going over all the details in 2016 but then new people just don't know some facts, example that silence included no eye contact was a shock to one new member trained in another tradition, this mentioned in passing by Tim as a subsequent work meeting)
  • work meeting forms announcements: consider a systematic set of this pre-written announcements? would that add ease for leaders and participants or be formulaic?

Changes made in 2016
No longer incense, now red cedar sprigs (except for outdoor Samish spirits ceremony)
Teachers other than the 4 featured with dokusan sign up sheets were able to sign up for unused time in Norman's room - worked well. Also A Robin as dokusan coordinator did a lot of dokusan/practice discussion coordinating beyond the 4 sign-up teachers. No burden on Ino.

Fee adjustments for 2016
Single rate per person/per night inclusive of food and cooks salaries, but there will be a discount for the 7th night in a row which we have not received yet.

E Cabins: $61.50
Rustic and RV: $58.50
Tent: $53.50
No housing (somebody who is staying off camp) $48.50

Assuming 50% discount for night 7 the rustic cost per person for our retreat is $439.

need to do for 2016
adjust 9:20 session schedule to accommodate Norman's talk: no 11:45 zazen, service at noon
additional tea thermos for soku. (borrowed camps in 2015)
lots more kleenex!
message board

    remember note pad/paper

    remember to post "using message boards" instructions
need to do for 2015:
practice cabin directory
bigger blankets box
feminine hygiene products (which box?)
add seat number column to practice discussion sign-up sheets
on lamps box list where go, 2 dokusan rooms, zendo entrance info table, chiden's worktable, back of zendo
update packing list to include all boxes - reconcile the two lists

need to do for 2014:
Karen and Kevin have done a great job of developing the tabs in the spreadsheet. But this information is coming from a database; nobody should have to waste time copying information from one tab to another. Surely there is a reporting and database administration module that could sit in WordPress and make edits easy, then press a button and out comes a payment status, housing list, jobs list, health and food list, etc.

  • Dining Hall Box: push pins, pens, hand sanitizer
  • Tea Servers: hand sanitizer
  • Dokusan rooms: alter box, alter table, lamp (i.e. split up the lamps box to locations used)
Schedule: call first Friday night 7:30-8:20 Training

High responsibility/training need roles such as Tenken, Flower Chiden, Work Leader
Don't bother assigning lower responsibility/training need roles such as dishes, food prep, dining hall evening, Jiko, tea servers until the weekend before Samish because there are so many cancellations and part-time cancellations it all gets redone anyway.

Create a skeleton zendo box of items to leave at Red Cedar Dharma Hall while everything else goes to Samish

Teachers Kate and Michael paying full?

need to do for 2013:

add WAKE UP BELL! to packing list
place notes on the LAMPS BOX
    actually good is two for zendo (the nice rectangular wooden ones both places on the table
    under the bulletin board) and then 1 each for the two dokusan/practice discussion rooms 
    current box fits 4 lamps, clip light for lectern, and extension cord
    so maybe this just needs a better label and we're done - there were notes about setting up a 
    second lamps box as we brought 6 lamps but don't think we need them all.

would be nice to build FOUR PARTITION STANDS
   so we can bring two of the extra partitions without robbing the zendo
   or if we get ambitious and bring 4 partitions then we need 8 stands
   Tim built them out of a chunk of 2 x 12 he thinks

2011 & 2012: What worked well:
Schedule - regular schedule is now set, just check if special event (Fri night?) needs to be updated
Having only one additional teacher offering practice discussion or dokusan kept it quiet in the zendo
Bring partitions and set up seats for interview students returning (instead of entering zendo)
Seating Map using Talus's coordinates system - which maybe needs a bit more of a write up so Kate can do it
bring Spare blanket box (did this get added to packing list?)
Norman plus 3 teachers giving dokusan in the secondary room with a notes-based option
   to see other teachers for practice discussion worked smoothly
   we mostly (only?) used the unused time in Norman's dokusan room 9:20 - 10:40 to cover
   the practice discussions so there was no need to set up a 3rd interview room 
   (Be nice NOT to have to set up a 3rd room - more stuff to bring, more chiden work, more clean up)
Nice having Norman stay in the zendo all of 1st period, not departing for dokusan during zazen
   may need to remind him (via his jisha) about this next year.

2012 Scheduling Issues
on Weds Health and Well being ceremony day we end up late to lunch - take 10-15 min longer than
   regular noon service if there are lots of names
don't schedule Tim into dokusan on Weds afternoon OR Thurs afternoon as there are Samish Spirit
   Ceremony things happening that he shouldn't miss

Ino does a thorough posture reminder announcement ~ Saturday night
Posture Adjustments - one round - ~ Sunday afternoon / evening

Camp interaction:
Copy of insurance to Community of Christ Camp

Job assignments:
full time people only for dish crews & food prep

Supplies to replenish each year
order incense in March

echo han from Mt Rain
ask sister sanghas to bring spare zabutons (very helpful, in 2012 Mt. Rain brought 5, Seattle Soto Zen brought 4)

finish online seating map
update han directions, Birth Death Great Matter, 3:30 7:00 9:30
laminated (half sheet?) han directions for each han into Han Supplies box
mark numbers at cushion front center (what is the cushion spacing Talus?  45"?seems just right this year --Tim)
premarked measuring tape

Changes with Boxes:
Tea Box #2: no ceramic teapot, add: 1 metal thermos, 1 box of 36 white teacups
    thermos does not work with metal teapots, find a solution
Trays Tub needed

Packing - stuff sometimes missed
Main dokusan box should have the response bell from the waiting room in them (small bowl bell, not inken)
Call and response for dokusan room #2 can be both inken bells
We're forgotten the altar cleaning box before as it's in use in the upstairs closet generally
Extra statue in for general use
extra clackers (4 sets - soku, ino, tenken, spare)
partitions (if we can make another set of feet and have truck space, 4 would be nice)

Note in Packing List: Sound System we use with belong to Camps Samish (NO need to bring ours)

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