Samish Posting & Distribution Instructions

One or two person job to take the stack of paper schedules and instructions we bring and distribute them around the camp.
You need scotch tape and possibly thumb tacks as well.
For message stations you need a stack of scratch paper and pens.
Remove all of the camp's postings from the bulletin board (except emergency info if any) and put them on the bookshelf with the hymnals
  (we need to remember to put them back at the end of sesshin)
On bulletin board: 
    1 regular schedule
    1 job assignments
    priest & teachers schedule
    How to use message boards sheet
On table placed below bulletin board:
    dokusan / practice discussion sign up sheets
    list of participants (just shows name, city, attendance)
    memorial service list
    health and well being service list
    Scratch paper and pens for message system.
On glass doors
   4 regular schedules - two pairs face in and out

Schedules to Ino's seat, Tanto's seat, Teacher's seat

As with zendo clear off small bulletin board by corner (between door into kitchen and drinking fountain)
and on that bulletin board put on that bulletin board:
    regular schedule
    jobs assignment
    priest/teacher schedule
    how to use message boards sheet
    list of participants (just shows name, city, attendance)
find a small table (sometimes we borrow from an e-cabin) for the message station below that bulletin board.

Additional schedules to dining room: front doors, on the wall just before entering the dish drop-off zone

1 schedule, 1 jobs assignment (they may already have these)
Any papers with someone's name on them (for registrar to give to them, usually job instructions).

Regular schedules on the doors to women's and men's (4 total)

DOKSUAN ROOMS (have to find them)
1 schedule, 1 list of participants

DOKUSAN WAITING ROOMS (have to find them)
1 schedule, 1 list of participants

2 extra schedules
2 lists of participants

EXTRAS?  keep in the envelope and give back to Retreat Manager

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