Retreat Manager 

Retreat Preparation Tasks

Two - Four Months Ahead:
  • Calendar - Reserve space for retreat. At Red Cedar Dharma Hall contact the Building Manager.
  • Website -  Work with the Guiding Teacher to post retreat on website, setting up automatic promotional announcement emails and registration reminder emails. Ask the Registrar to proof the website listing.
  • Outreach - Check with outreach person, if any, about making a poster
  • Food - Check in with Tenzo (Chef), Ino, Registrar. Help them find their job instructions.
  • Supplies - Organize purchase of supplies beyond
        Tenzo organizes food purchases - delegates and oversees specific ingredients and quantities to Food Buyer    

        Ino organizes zendo supply purchases

        Check on oryoki supplies

        Check on general building supplies (toilet paper, etc.) - we may have a general shopper for this

2 Weeks Ahead:

  • Plan retreat and Job Assignments with Ino and Registrar.  Ino consults Tanto, Teacher and Tenzo, and notifies Doan-ryo (3), Chiden Jisha. RM notifies Tenzo Assistants, meal Servers, Dishwashers, Soku, Work Leader, Flower Chiden. Confirm that they can do these jobs.
  • Participant Requests - Support Registrar with any requests from participants (scholarships, housing, special schedules)
  • Schedules - Finalize schedule in coordination with Teacher, Tanto, and Ino (almost all are on this workgroups page)
    • Work with Ino prepare Tenken and Ino schedules (same schedule, but annotated for their jobs)

1 Week Ahead: 

  • Refine/revise Job Assignments - Work with the Ino to respond to last minute changes to assignments
  • Print Outs - Prepare copies of retreat documents for distribution
    • Job Assignments list
      • Copy for: Retreat Manager, Registrar, Ino, Tenzo, Work Leader, & each Teacher (in dokusan room)
      • Post at RCDH: Lobby,by restrooms, by downstairs exit
      • Post at Samish: Both mens and womens side of both restrooms, zendo, dining hall
    • Schedules
      • Copy for: Retreat Manager, Ino, each Teacher, Tenzo, 2 for Jisha, 
      • Post: same as Job Assignments
    • Participant Lists
      • Copy for: Retreat Manager, Jisha, Ino, extra for Registrar
    • (Ino provides direction and documents for Tenken, Doan-ryo, Chiden, Doshi, Jiko)
  • Major Jobs - Inform Work Leader and Soku (head server) of their jobs.  Help them find their job instructions.
  • Oryoki - If oryoki: assemble enough sangha oryoki kits for those borrowing them, or ask soku to do so.
  • Kitchen/Bath supplies - Check to see there are enough towels, toilet paper, hand soap; purchase what's needed.
  • First aid kit and Tools - Check to see that these are full and available downstairs
  • Tea - Plan with Tenzo and make sure these supplies are there; RM may need to purchase sweets, tea.

Retreat Setup Tasks

  • Posting - Post and distribute prepared documents 
  • Notes System - Set up message board. RM clear space on bulletin boards for pinning notes; supply paper, pens
  • Setup Help - Check in with Registrar, Tenzo, Ino for their set-up (Ino lead zendo setup)
  • Dana Boxes - Take from upstairs closet and put in lobby
  • Pair of Clackers for Soku - Take downstairs if having oryoki meals. Keep other pairs upstairs for Ino & Tenken
  • Clocks - Synchronize 4 clocks; also clock that Tenken will use
  • Water glass shelf from women's restroom to hallway by water jug
  • Snack and coffee areas (if needed) - Ask food buyer to purchase things for these areas, as needed
  • Meal Chant cards (for oryoki meals) - Bring upstairs from kitchen area

Retreat Operation Tasks

  • Interface with non-retreat participants such as caretakers, neighbors (Ino welcomes zendo guests)
  • Work with Registrar to see that everyone knows what their jobs are, and that everyone completed registration
  • Orientation regarding non-zendo topics
  • Make general announcements as needed, preferably at work period
  • Check in with retreat leaders: Jisha (on behalf of Teacher), Ino, Tenzo, Work Leader, Tanto, Registrar
  • Synchronize clocks
  • On first days of retreat, orient servers, kitchen clean-up crew, coffee & snack person to their roles, and thereafter check to see they remember to do their jobs and/or need any support
  • On final retreat day, assess clean-up needs in kitchen, zendo, dokusan room, and bathroom; organize clean-up teams to complete all needed tasks. If retreat ends in evening, assign 2 - 4 people to clean up kitchen, laundry, take out garbage, sweep, etc. during dinner hour and/or first period of evening zazen.
  • With Tenzo, save left-over food from meals in small containers and offer it to retreat participants to take home.

Retreat Follow-up Tasks (usually to be done during days/week following retreat)

  • Wash and dry and put away all towels, oryoki cloths, other cloth items
  • Wash and dry borrowed oryoki sets; reassemble kits and store in Oryoki storage bin--take to storage room
  • Return other items to storage room--futons, tool kit, etc.
  • Wash and put away all remaining dishes, cups, cooking implements
  • Take down all retreat schedules and job assignment sheets from bulletin boards
  • See to it that everything is returned to usual room arrangements
  • Process Norman's Dana

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