Registrar Directions

RCZC Registrar duties—updated 2/17/2017

Outline of Duties (details in next section)

  1. Check registrar email and answer inquiries about events, route others.

  2. Review registration info/form/listings in Wild Apricot.

  3. Process registration payments when needed (checks & cash mostly).

  4. Process scholarships, refunds, credits, cancellations when needed. 

  5. Track schedule adjustment requests from participants and inform Ino.

  6. Maintain close communication with Retreat Manager, Ino, Jisha, and Tenzo; provide specialized lists as needed (oryoki, dietary, allergies, irregular schedules, dokusan, etc.)

  7. On-site check-in: either be present at major events to sign in people, collect money, orient to dharma hall, handle dana, or communicate with Retreat Manager to provide check in information

  8. Samish Addendum.

  9. After the Event

Details of Duties

1. Registrar’s email: generally check weekly, more often close to major events


We maintain an email address for registration matters: and a general inquiries email We use Gmail to interface with this pop mailbox in order to have the Gmail interface and address book. That address,, downloads the messages sent to and from and has it's default reply-to also set to so it's mostly transparent to the outside world.

Our sangha voicemail to our phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx uses the Google Voice system and emails messages to - that voice mail messages will also be found in the account.

Log into Gmail password z-z

If you use Gmail for personal email be sure to set up their “multiple sign-in” system so you can quickly toggle between Google accounts.

Email notifications are sent to this address from Wild Apricot and from PayPal and MoneyMinder.

More notes about whom to route different kinds of non-event messages and inquiries to will be added soon.

2. Review registration form and confirmation email for new event

While setting up the registration form for each event is the duty of the Retreat Manager in coordination with the Teacher/Leader for that event it's very helpful to see how it's set up so you can respond to inquiries and/or alert the Retreat Manager if something looks off. Either look at the Event in Admin mode or test is all out by registering youself.

[additional clarification to be added]

3. Process registration payments (checks and cash) - using MoneyMinder

The Clerk processes the mail and makes deposits roughly weekly and sends an email summarizing all funds received include registration payments. This is a helpful reminder. The accurate information about all deposits made is in the online bookkeeping software MoneyMinder we implemented in 2016.

Checking MoneyMinder:

  1. Go to and click on Login: Money Minder on the top right
  2. Login with user and password z-z
  3. On the main summary screen check that the Financial Year is set to the year you want (Money Minder is rigid about this) 
  4. Click on Reports in the buttons on the top
  5. Transaction Reports
  6. All Transactions for a Specific Category
  7. Select category: Retreats and Classes
  8. Pick a reasonable date range or just leave it as the default which is the whole year
    (annoyingly you are locked in to the Fiscal Year selected on the first screen)
  9. Run Report

 Wild Apricot, Paypal payments are usually recorded automatically. To record cash or check payments:

  1. Go to events and click on the event the payment is for
  2. Click registrants
  3. Click Record Payment
  4. Select tender type
  5. Record comments such as received by and check number
  6. Record the amount
  7. Click Save and this will automatically send an emailed confirmation to the person that his/her registration is complete.
Periodically Checking for Open Invoices
To find retreat invoices that are currently marked as unpaid you can start with the registrants list for a given retreat or you can start in the Finances section:
  1. Finances
  2. Invoices
  3. Pick date range
  4. Filter on "With Open Balance"
  5. The Find feature of your web browser is useful to seek someone's name

4. Process scholarships, refunds, credits, cancellations when needed. 


Refunds are usually for Samish and other longer retreats. Refund payments are made by the Burser (currently John Wiley).

A designated amount of the initial payment is non-refundable deposit, subject to discretion of registrar and retreat manager.

  1. Log into Wild Apricot
  2. Events > Cancel registration for the event
  3. Finances > Invoices > Generate invoice > generate invoice for the non-refundable deposit (include event name in item description)
  4. Finances > Payments > find payment > settle > settle against Paypal refund
  5. Finances > Payments > find payment > settle > settle against deposit invoice


Handle scholarships as any other payment but the invoice needs to be edited to the amount the person is actually paying.

We budget the equivalent for 2 full time scholarships automatically for every retreat. See the scholarship policy.

As the need at Samish is so much higher, as well as the sliding scale payments we receive, we usually allocate a 3rd full time scholarship. These scholarships almost always in the form of ¼ or ½ of the low end of the sliding scale. We very rarely give a full scholarship to anyone.

For larger and more expensive retreats we pick two award days. Giving away about half the money at the first award day and the rest on the second (for Samish: generally May 1st and June 1st).

For smaller retreats when we rarely spend the budget we tend to aware ¼ scholarships routinely and ask them to wait a bit with ½ scholarships.

Check with the Retreat Manager if unsure but if confident saying yes, especially to a ¼ scholarship request go for it. Samish scholarships are tracked on a Google Spreadsheet.


5. Track special schedule requests and inform Ino

Get approval if the person is new to sesshin.

For events with many attendees and exceptions, make a list for the Ino, and keep informed as plans change.

6. Maintain close communication with Retreat Manager, Ino, and Tenzo

In the registration information, pay close attention to whether folks can house someone, housing needs, special diets, allergies, bedding needs, etc.

Use the Export Registrants feature in WildApricot to provide details on people's special requests, oryoki requests, food allergies, physical limitations, etc.

For large events (Samish especially), it can help. to keep a spreadsheet in shared Google docs with this info

7. On Site Check-In

At every event we want to have someone there with the check-in sheet (easily generated with the WildApricot Attendance List report) present at the opening of major events to sign people in, collect money, orient to dharma hall, etc.

If this can't be the Registrar, please communicate with the Retreat Manager who will assign someone else. Get that someone the Attendance List check in sheet and any other relevant information.

Set up table in lobby and have spreadsheet and/or laptop.

The Wild Apricot "check-in" feature should be used to show who came to the event. Either do this live on a laptop or if on paper do it later.

Orient new attendees to Dharma Hall: simply letting them know where the zendo is, bathrooms, where to put their things, downstairs etc.

Collect money, sign people in, point out jobs

Put out dana box(es), make regular announcements about Dana tradition. At major events collect the money in the evening.

8. Samish Addenda

Extra Google Spreadsheet is used to track - this is done with the support of the Retreat Manager.

  • Special needs

  • Seattle/Vancouver rides [they are responsible for getting themselves to Samish, we try to match them up] - should be less from here as we intend to hire an Airporter Shuttle.

  • Arrivals/departures not according to schedule—to Ino

  • List for Norman/dokusan and jisha

  • Make a cabin map as people arrive and post in zendo and dining hall

  • Track cabin count in Google Spreadsheet and work with Retreat Manager to deactivate e-cabin option once they are sold out..

2013 Spreadsheet:

9. After the Event

If Invoices remain open it undermines the usefulness of the entire WildApricot registration and membership function as people are given reminders every time they're using the site logged in. 

Please make sure using the procedure from #3 that all invoices are settled. 

In the event of no-shows, with sign off from the Retreat Manager, just void the invoices. 

In the event of people who did come who haven't completed payment, follow up with them. Any problems? Contact the Retreat Manager.

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