Practice Committee 2016-01-02




John Wiley, Tim Burnett, Bob Penny, Edie Norton, Andrea Thach, Talus Latona, Connie Martin

Monday Noon

Practice Committee decision. Let it go at the end of Practice Period unless someone steps forward to host.

Teacher Bios

Needed from John, Chris, Bob, Talus. Welcome Andrea, who may be formally a teacher as it feels appropriate.


Current period ends with Practice Period.

New Precept Study Group

Important support for Jukai. 8 month once per month. Generally Mondays at 6:30 PM.   Each meeting lead by one teacher who had attended the previous meeting. Invite people to respond.

See attached handout. PreceptStudyGroupProposal.pdf

Write-up for Practice Discussion.

Attached is the version Mountain Rain uses, slightly edited by John.  PracticeDiscussion.pdf

John emailed an editable version (odt format).

Intro to Zen Class

Talus will print posters and place them on Dharma Hall boards, plus maybe Food Co-Op, Village Books.

Edie will forward to Shambala.

Bob will forward to Peace and Justice center.

John will forward to Dispute Resolution center.

Practice Period: Zen Pioneers in America

Review the list of events online: Winter Practice Period 2016 - overview & registration

Please get teachers bio summaries and readings to Talus by 11 January. John and Edie's have been received.

Dates for Pioneer Study are:

  • Shunryu Suzuki 1/27 (Tim)
  • Taizan Maezumi 2/3 (John)
  • Maureen Stewart 2/10 (Edie)
  • Dainin Katagiri 2/17 (Tim)
  • Jiyu Kennett 2/24 (Talus)
  • Blanch Hartman 3/2 (Chris)

See event list on the website. Do register soon because it will fill. Retreat limited to 36 including teachers. Overflow will go to a waiting list. 36 is really the maximum we should have for many reasons. Do we have a serving crew? Part-time really hurts oryoki. Consider the possibility of servers.

Distance participation. Very nice to offer but difficult to have the teacher resources to support.

Make a bigger push for the online form. How privately is that held, feels more comfortable spoken only. Pros and cons of intention setting. Importance of check-in with teacher about how relating to those intentions. Could pair up for partner teas. Decision: all invited to fill online form and/or speak intentions at opening.

There is a place on the registration to ask for a Practice Period study partner.

Simple Sunday Sits

On 1/17 and 2/21 is a Chris production - no support needed except attendance.

Annual Calendar on Website

Tim needs to finish up.

Mountains and Rivers

Trail crew possibility. Would require 10 people present for a week (can have more and relieve people). Could deepen study, and invite people who haven't been back in a while. Observed need for a low impact more accessible Wilderness program - yurt or lodge based. Also looking at Brama Vaharas at Mt Hood in September.

Getting ceremonies online.

Connie and Tim will work on. Old talks also missing from website, Don Price was working on. Lobby bulletin board needs updating. Assistant ino needed.

Weekly Forms Announcements

Forms reminders will be provided by the ino after zen after the doshi exits but before everyone else moves to lobby.


Topic for next time. Alternatives to incense to avoid aggravating severe allergy.

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