Overnight Policy

Overnight stay is available in the Dharma Hall for Red Cedar Zen Members or retreat participants.

There is a shower and small kitchen available downstairs.

General Information

  • Bring own bedding 
    (6 futons, a few blankets, are available in the downstairs storage room, 
    the "basement": access through upstairs storage and fire exit stairs)
  • Personal possessions should be collected, may be left under pews during the day or put in basement

Individual Stays

  • Schedule your stay with the Building Manager (dharmahall@redcedarzen.org)
  • Maximum 3 people on any night
  • Building Manager will provide door code
  • Donation (suggested $10-$30 per night) can be placed in mail slot in lobby
  • Good sleeping spots: Meeting Room upstairs, Library, downstairs by pews.
  • Spend 15 minutes each day cleaning the areas used
    • toilets
    • sink
    • sweep
    • sleep area
  • Be aware of the Dharma Hall schedule
  • Should be up before the morning sit on weekday mornings (6:30 AM)
  • Ok to use the kitchen and shower after the morning sit (7:15 AM)

During Retreats

  • Schedule overnight stay with the Registrar and request door code on arrival
  • Women's dorm is meeting room
  • Men's dorm is Zendo, Library or Downstairs
  • Provide own sleeping bag
  • Help with cleaning during retreat as schedule allows and especially at end of retreat
  • Donation option - consider staying at the Hall in making registration.
  • Up to 8 people at Hall okay during retreats.

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