Our Journey Home Campaign FAQs

Here are a few questions we've answered so far. Want to ask a few questions of your own? Send us an email. This is all volunteer-led, so we will do our best to respond!

How did you come up with the goal? 

RCZC’s capital campaign committee and Board has studied our ability to raise funds, including the likely capacity of our members, supporters and friends to give. After interviewing a sample of 25 likely donors, assessing our membership and contact lists, securing our founder’s involvement in our campaign, and reviewing our current cash reserves, we have set a goal of $550,000.   

RCZC Sangha                        $   450,000.  

(Likely Major Donors                               $   400,000.)

(Members                                                $   50,000.)

RCZC Reserves                     $   50,000.

Past Participants                    $   25,000.

Friends & Family                    $   25,000.

Total                                       $   550,000.

Why did you increase your goal?

We’ve been delighted and amazed to have nearly reached our initial goal in the first weeks of our 3 month long campaign. We offer a deep bow of gratitude to the many members, family, friends, and to the Everyday Zen Foundation who have offered this generous support. With over two months to go we’ve decided to stretch our goal to $650,000. 

What are we using the money for?  What if we exceed our goal?

Initial funds will purchase a site, pay for remodeling/renovation of the site, pay for permits, subcontractors, landscaping, and any other Dharma Hall related costs.  If after all these costs are covered, then the Red Cedar Board will look at any donations that exceed expectations and determine appropriate allocations of these funds toward our stretch goals (eg: better location, larger space, etc.).

How soon will Red Cedar have a place?  What is the timeline for Our Journey Home?  

Finding the right site, addressing the inevitable remodeling/renovation issues such as permitting, design, finding contractors, and completing a complex work order in a timely fashion, will take time.  And of course, how the pandemic progresses affects things too.  We anticipate up to 2 or more years to complete the process.

Where will we meet in the interim and where?

During the All Sangha meeting, the idea of sitting with Shambala Center was discussed.  However, due to the Delta variant the majority of sangha members felt it was too soon to safely meet indoors.  However, we will be continuing to offer outdoor gatherings like sits in the park and will hopefully be continuing this throughout the fall.  Keep in touch with our newsletter and events page as things change. 

Timeline review of the campaign: when does the official asking begin and what are the next steps? 

We are working through an 8-step process (not to be confused with the eight-fold path):

  • First, clarify our primary need, goal and timeline. Need: insure sustainability, access and growth of the dharma and sangha.  Goal:  $550,000 for down payment toward a new home.  Fundraising timeline: 9/15/21 - 12/30/21.

  • Create our message (“Our Journey Home”) and accompanying materials including a campaign brochure, financial pro forma, pledge form, and FAQs.

  • Compile, vet & assign lists for volunteer askers.  Seven members of our sangha have volunteered to call and ask for donations from our 85 members plus additional past participants in our sangha.  We humbly ask everyone to please ask for donations from your family and friends as well.  We are grateful for your efforts. 

  • Train & role play how to politely ask for donations.  We want everyone to feel comfortable asking for donations, so here is an open invitation to join us on Zoom 9/23 & 9/25

  • Asking & inviting through a series of letters, calls and emails 9/15 – 12/30.  

  • Askers report & check-in regularly through the process.

  • Celebrate & report progress with twice-monthly announcements (sign up for our newsletter), all-sangha emails & social media posts.

  • Finally, call it good! We plan to announce results on 1/15/22. Mark your calendar, check in often, and most importantly, help us spread the word and reach our destination.

What is the communication process with the sangha?

We will send updates approximately twice per month and maintain the website. Sign up for the Red Cedar newsletter to keep up to date with the latest announcements. Have we mentioned that you should sign up for our newsletter too many times yet? 

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Pledges so Far

Collected: $669,173.00
Goal: $650,000.00

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