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One Day Sesshin Ino Schedule

6:00am zazen (opening with robe chant, early morning bells, and priest's jundo) Sangha sits facing in: announce as needed. Announce at jundo,  "Please gassho as teacher passes." (Ino or Doan does big bells w/prostrations,  tenken does 3 bells with doshi after jundo)

6:25am kinhin  Before tenken starts kinhin make general announcements about sesshin, or do some of these later. Offer opportunity  to add names during kinhin to Memorial and H&WB list.  Names will be chanted during service). Practice discussion /dokusan - the teachers (list who) giving practice discussion will come and get you during zazen. Explain cards.

6:35am zazen (Sangha sits facing the wall again, announce as needed).

7:00am kinhin

7:10am zazen

7:40am service  (Announce "Prepare for service, Pass chant books - Service A, B, C or D"; Make sure doanryo is ready and kokyo has list of names from Health & Well Being and Memorial list .)

8:00am soji (after service exit to lobby for job assignments by workleader. Make sure servers are sent to kitchen. Arrange zendo for oryoki and have meal chant cards ready for attendees)

8:15am oryoki breakfast (Need clackers and do all signals and chant leading during the meal, a copy of the meal chant is annotated)       

9:00am break (Send dish crew to kitchen. Have participants rearrange cushions.  Announce when zazen starts. This break is a brief one. Be available to people with questions - in the lobby or the library?)

10:00am zazen (priest opens)

10:30am kinhin (check lobby for visitors for public talk. Set up chairs for them, if needed)

10:40am Dharma Talk (Announce: "Prepare for Dharma Talk." Need a medium sized bell from doan or tenken: no bells for bows, stop to start chant before talk, stop to start chant at end of talk, during bodhisattva bows a ring at the end of each line and a roll down during the last line and continuing until the bows after. Ring with the bows after the talk. There is a sheet with this diagrammed.) 

11:30am kinhin

11:40am zazen 

12:10pm service  (Send lunch servers to kitchen. Announce "Prepare for service - Pass chant books for Metta Sutta, p.12." )

12:20 oryoki lunch (as breakfast - need clackers, Ino's meal chant card, meal chant cards for all. Lead the meal.)

1:00 break (Announce when zazen starts; clean up crew to kitchen, Have participants rearrange cushions.)


2:00 zazen 

2:30 kinhin

2:40 zazen 

3:10 kinhin

3:20 zazen (20 min) (send tea servers to kitchen)

3:40 tea (as a meal, lead with clackers. One clack to start when servers are done and have left the zendo. Bow to continue after seconds.  Two clacks to end tea.) Tea servers to kitchen for tea and clean up

4:00 kinhin (20 min. Instruct for fast kinhin with cirumnamulation pattern)

4:20 zazen

4:50 service (Announce "Prepare for service - Pass chant books for Dai Hi Shin Dharani" p 14.)

5:00 dinner break  (Announce availability of leftovers downstairs (check with tenzo ahead) and any suggestions for having a quiet dinner together. The Dharma Hall can stay silent but those who choose to go out may of course enjoy conversations. Announce when zazen starts.)

7:00 zazen

7:30 kinhin

7:40 zazen 

8:10 kinhin

8:20 zazen ("sit facing in") 

8:50 refuges 

9:00 end of day (lead final circle in the lobby as with usual sits. Thank people for coming.)

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