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AUGUST 01, 2009, 6:00AM - 9:00PM


Registration deadline is July 26, 2009

Name: ____________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________

City, State, Zip/Postal Code: __________________________________

I am already on the mailing list and there are no changes ____

Please update your records to the above information ____

I am new to your mailing list ____

Emergency contact:

Name ___________________________ Phone _______________

Relationship to you: _______________________

Overnight Accommodations: (We cannot guarantee housing. Please register early if you need housing.)

Will you need housing in Bellingham? ________

Can you provide someone with housing? _____ 

Number of guests you can take: __________

(please complete other side)





__ I will be attending the Full Retreat (6 am to 9 pm, including three orioki meals. _________

I will be attending the following periods (check all that apply):

__Early Morning 6-8:40am: zazen, kinhin & service, oryoki breakfast

__Morning 9am-1:00pm: zazen, kinhin, dharma talk by Tim, service, oryoki lunch

__Afternoon 2-6pm: zazen, kinhin, tea, zazen, oryoki dinner

__Evening 7-9pm: zazen, kinhin, dharma talk by Nancy, refuge chant

Special Requests or comments?


Registration fee for this event is $20 - $50 (sliding scale). Registration deadline is July 26, 2009. A non-refundable deposit of $20 is required with your reservation. Payment of the full registration fee is also welcome at this time.

Total registration amount are you committing to: _______ 

Registration amount enclosed: _______

Do you need an orioki set? 

Rental fee $10 ________           Purchase orioki set $50 ________

Scholarships may be available for one half or one quarter of the registration fee, please apply to the registrar by July 26, 2009.

Teacher Support (dana): Payment to the teacher(s) is not included in the registration fee. There will be an opportunity to make a separate donation (dana) to the teacher at the retreat.

Please note that you are not fully registered for this event until we receive the registration information on this form and payment of the deposit requested. Deliver completed form and your deposit to the inbox in lobby at RCZC, 1021 N. Forest, or mail to Red Cedar Zen Registrar, P.O. Box 5193, Bellingham 98227.

Questions? Please contact the registrar at 360-312-7088 or email registrar@redcedarzen.org.

Red Cedar Zen Community

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