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Full Day Sesshin Confirmation

Dear (name),

Thank You and Money:
Thank you for your registration for the Full Day Sesshin on Saturday, August 1st. The registration fee for this event is $20-$50 sliding scale. We have received (amount) and the balance of (amount-due) is due after you arrive at sesshin. Registration help will be available during the beginnings of the breaks after each meal.

In Buddhism there is a tradition of offering the teachings freely. Dana is an anonymous, voluntary offering, and there will be a box available for donations to the teacher(s). Please consider what these teachings and this practice are worth to you.

Parking and directions:
Red Cedar Dharma Hall is located at 1021 N. Forest Street, just south of Forest and Maple in downtown Bellingham. Full directions are on our website at http://www.redcedarzen.org/places.html.  Park on the street in the surrounding area if possible. Red Cedar Dharma Hall also has a tiny parking lot in back accessed by the alley. The is currently street work on Forest Street and Saturdays are Farmer's Market day. If arriving mid-day allow some time for parking. 

Oryoki meals:
This retreat will feature oryoki meals. Oryoki is the formal 3-bowl eating ritual of Soto Zen. If you need an oryoki set and have not let the registrar know  yet please email registrar@redcedarezen.org with your request. Sets can be rented for $10 or purchased for $40.

If you do not yet know oryoki you may request an orientation from any senior student in the sangha or simply show up. We will provide some coaching during the meals and by following along with your neighbors you will certainly be able to eat.

Overnight accomodations: If you are coming from out of town and would like to spend the night before sesshin in Bellingham we may be able to accomodate you at the Dharma Hall or in the the home of a sangha member. You should have indicated this in the registration form and will be hearing soon from the registrar about this. If not, please contact the registrar with your request. If you are local and able to accomodate an out-of-town retreatant please let us know.

Schedule and commitment:
By registering for this event you commit to arriving on time, practicing silence in and around the Dharma Hall throughout the event, and attending the schedule as fully as possible. It is recommended to attend the entire event from 6am to 9pm however part time attendance is fine. We ask that you commit to which portions of the day you will be at sesshin ahead. We also need to know which meals you will be at. If you have not let told us this please email registrar@redcedarzen.org letting us know which of the following four blocks of time you will be present for:

__Early Morning 6-8:40am: zazen, kinhin & service, oryoki breakfast

__Morning 9am-1:00pm: zazen, kinhin, dharma talk by Tim, service, oryoki lunch

__Afternoon 2-6pm: zazen, kinhin, tea, zazen, oryoki dinner

__Evening 7-9pm: zazen, kinhin, dharma talk by Nancy*, refuge chant

Please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time.

The entire schedule is available online here:

*It is unlikely that Nancy will be present, due to an out-of-town family emergency.

First time at sesshin: If you have never attended an all-day sesshin please let us know. This sesshin is a reasonable schedule for the first time if you have some experience with zazen. If you have never attended any zazen sessions with us or another Zen sangha we encourage you to do so. Zazen is offered at Red Cedar Dharma Hall 4 to 5 times per week, please see the website for the schedule.

Private meetings and instruction: In addition to two Dharma Talks during the day there is the opportunity for private instruction with Nomon Tim Burnett and Yuzan Nancy Welch. There will be a sign-up sheet in the lobby. Just sign up with the person you'd like to speak with and they will come and get you during the day (usually during zazen).

Protecting the zendo (meditation hall) atmosphere: Please never enter or leave the zendo (meditation hall) during zazen (sitting meditation). If you arrive late in the morning or after a break there will be seats set up in the lobby. Rejoin the zendo at the end of that period. The schedule will be posted in the lobby.

Encouraging words: Sitting all day is a powerful, strenuous, and beautiful practice. Be patient, kind and steady and stay close to your breath. Just practice with each moment as it arises. If difficulties arise notice them and be as patient as you can, but do seek help from the Ino (meditation hall coordinator) or the teachers as needed.To sit for a sustained period is a wonderful opportunity for deeply investigating meditation practice and your own heart. Thank you for signing up for this retreat.

Red Cedar Zen Community

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