October 2009


Attending: Tim Burnett, Jolie Cole, Mike Crowley and Joan Dow

Mike has purchased two copies of In the Face of Fear edited by Barry Boyce (as requested by Jolie) and three pairs of bookends. He will submit a reimbursement form to BIMS as part of the spending from their $100 pledge to the library.

There are several boxes of audiotapes mostly belonging to BIMS. Going through the checkout records, it appears that very little use is being made of them. It is possible that someone may want to go through them and select ones to be kept, but if not Jolie recommends that we archive them (i.e. box them up and store somewhere out of sight). Jolie will discuss the matter of audiotapes with the BIMS Board. Mike has entered the file cards for the Zen audiotapes and CDs onto a computer database. The intention is to find out what is available on CD or online and in some cases perhaps convert audiotapes to CDs. He will probably not get to this project until Spring.

Jolie suggested that we have policy that new books should be returned within two weeks.

Tim suggested that only the most recent copies of magazines (a year or two) be kept. He also pointed out that it would help in locating books if the first letter of the author or editor’s last name be placed on the color-coding dot. Also it would be helpful to visitors new to Buddhism if there were a section of shelf space for books, brochures and handouts introducing meditation and Buddhism. Mike will set this up. If you have any suggestions as to what should be included, please let Mike know.

Joan pointed out that a few things unrelated to the library function are beginning to accumulate in the library space. We will try to get rid of or find another place for these items. Joan also noted that the curtain panels do not go with other items in the room – carpet, couch and chair.  She will get material that color coordinates to make new curtains.

Mike has just about finished entering the library card file onto a computer database.
He is now in the process of checking the computer list against the books that are on the shelves or are checked out.  When data entry and checking are complete (by the end of November) he will prepare hardcopy printouts arrayed several ways – by author, title, etc. as reference copies. Tim will do what is required to put the information on line.

Mike Crowley
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