Sept 2009

Library Group Meeting

Jolie and I met last Friday (9/25) to discuss current library activities and needs.

 All members of the Library Group (Joan, Jolie, Steve and Mike) have been keeping up with the routine – checking in and reshelving books, entering donated books into the collection, etc.  Someone is usually at the library before and after the noontime meditation.

Jolie will call people who have had items checked out for longer than a month.

Mike is just about finished entering the card file onto the computer.  The next steps will be to reconcile the automated list with the books actually on the shelves and to get it into a system that can be accessed by both PC and Mac. It’s currently on a Mac system.  The tapes, CD and videos pose a little messier problem. Mike has been entering the Zen tapes and CDs onto the database.  Jolie will check with someone at BIMS to determine what has to be done with all Insight tapes and CDs.  [Since our meeting Jolie has found someone to enter the Insight tapes onto computer.]

Jolie suggested that we purchase two copies of In the Face of Fear  by Barry Boyce. Mike will order these books.

Since the meeting Tim suggested (in response to an Email from Karen FitzGerald) that we consider how to make library information available to users and potential donors. For a start, a contact email or phone number would probably be sufficient. Using me as a contact wouldn’t work too well as I’ll be gone for the winter.  I plan to finish with the Library Data Base before leaving for the winter. It would be nice to have this available both in hard copy and on line.

We should try to get a meeting of all the Library Group members in the next two to three weeks.  Steve is only able to attend during the day on Thursdays.  How does Thursday October 15th or October 22nd after Thursday meditation sound? Please let me know if you can attend on one or either of these dates.

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