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The Project's Agricultural Pump helps prevent crop loss due to drought in Kagan

Friday, December 30, 2016 8:41 AM | Tim Burnett (Administrator)

December 29th from Mercy:

How are you and the Kagan Village  project team?

Just an update on the Kagan Village project! It is very dry in Kagan village,there is no  rain as per the expectation that it would rain in December.This is a clear indication of famine next year.However ,Wellington and some villagers are trying to make good use of the water that is still there in the river to water their vegetables using the pumb you and your friends bought. They have hopes they would at least get something out if it. The villagers do not have much for repairs and maintainannce but they do plegde something when the proceeds are realized.

The farmers around are glad that they do a have a pump around that they can access easily without paying. The vegetables are doing well and I believe if all goes well the proceeds will be huge.

Thanks and please find the attached photos of other young farmers watering their plantation.

it us very dry for these tomatoes and kales to grow to this extent its because they are being watered regularly.

It might look small but you as you can see some leaves of the kales are already being plucked and are used for domestic used.Wellington says he sold  some kales last week for Ksh 2150.This to me is a good start and I hope there will be better proceeds.



Neighbors of the Ukumu family using the pump 

Baby kale plants

Tomatoes are an important cash crop. Note the dark earth below the plants from watering them.

Kale under shade cloth - note dark earth from watering.

Mercy's brothers Wellington, Thomas, and Brien working in the fields.


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