Individual Hall Use Policy

  • Members of Red Cedar Zen Community and Bellingham Insight Meditation Society (member groups) are welcome to use the Dharma Hall individually.
  • The door code is available from your group's membership coordinator.
  • Check the Hall schedule to be sure your use is when the Hall is not booked by a group.
      (We use Google calendar you can also add the RCDH calendar to your own Google calendar, search public calendars for "Red Cedar Dharma Hall")
    • Look carefully at schedules and posters on the left bulletin Board in the lobby.
    • If people arrive while your are meditating, please pause your practice and check in with them.
      It might be a scheduled group is arriving and you will need to leave. We have had cases of scheduled users turning around and leaving out of respect. 
      Please help our renters feel welcomed to the Hall.

  • No candles or incense use or fire of any kind when in the Hall by yourself.
  • See the Closing Use the Hall instructions on leaving the Hall. Be especially mindful of turning down heaters as directed.
  • Enjoy a peaceful time at the Hall. Members are encouraged to let this beautiful place as your spiritual home away from home.
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