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Finance February 4, 2015

Old Business

All action items from February xx meeting were complete except Finance Calendar
Marti has posted Social Security calculating spreadsheet and will make the rczccashlog account an owner

Job Check-ins

John will add Linda as a Information Accessor on the bank account to make deposits easier
Linda - getting used to spreadsheet, and got valerie training
John - Terry prefers one report per month, but then Loren can't work throughout the month. Proposes RCZC Deposits and RCZC Paypal, Talus will email Terry suggestion of automated filter to file finance emails.
Marti - Training going fine. Need to check how writing up the training is going. Proposal she trains her successor, even add that to the Job Description. Want to write up Marti's job description, but hard to get in that mindset.
Talus - So many org ..

Dizang's Gardens

There are substantial administrative challenges 1) in a non-profit having ongoing sales of merchandise unrelated to mission for income requires UBIT (unrelated business income tax) and 2) bookkeeping and sales tax chores exceed our volunteer capacity.

Priest Housing Allowance

Approaches to coming up with a number
1- Assuming retreat income is source 9000 (6.9%)
2-Goal for margin of 7% as in previous budgets comes to 8830

Decision: The Finance Committee proposes that Tim's housing allowance be raised to $750 per month ($9000 per year). The appeal income of $1000 will be rolled into this to make $833 per month for the next 12 months.

Retreat Income

High high volunteer cost in context of the income. Last year our retreat revenue was 25% over expenses, plus we can expect expenses to go up 5%.
Propose Retreat Managers shoot for 30% revenue over last year. Or bump them all up by 5% per year or $5 whichever is greater.
Advertise the scholarships better.

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