Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Finance Clerk

The duties of Finance Clerk include:

Weekly Tasks

  • getting the mail from our PO Box at the downtown post office
  • checking donation box
  • recording donations and rent received in Google spreadsheet,
  • depositing to WECU (Whatcom Educational Credit Union).

Annual Tasks

  • Work with Membership coordinator to prepare tax donation receipts

Finance Clerk Instructions

  1. Check mail once a week at Prospect St. Post Office, box 5193.
  2. Check donation box once a week at RCDH.
  3. Divide monies received into categories including the following:
    • Books
    • RCZC Membership
    • RCZC General Donation
    • RCZC Fundraising (add note to specify fundraiser)
    • RCDH Friend
    • RCDH General Donation
    • RCDH Rent
    • Other

Donations from the following groups go to RCDH general donation:

  • Yoga for War Vets
  • Bob Lau QiGong
  • Oneness
  • Loose cash from the donation

Additional Instructions

  • If the payment is for registration for a RCZC event, workshop or retreat, put in Registrar's box.
  • Envelope addressed to Building Manager, open it, remove any checks put other correspondence in Building Manager's box.
  • Envelope addressed to Membership, open it, remove any payment, note on the envelope or form that payment was received and the amount. Put other correspondence or membership forms in Membership group's box.
  • Envelope or check written to Resident Priest, Tim Burnett, do not open, put in his box.
  • Addressed to BIMS, put in BIMS' box
  • Envelope or check is written to anyone else you don't recognize, put in bookkeeper's box.
  • To record all payments in cash log, log into Open Documents.
  • Open RCZC Cash log file. Enter date deposited, name, check number and amount. The amount will automatically be carried to the appropriate bank account column.
  • After entering all cash received, total columns by copying the previous TOTAL row. Click on the previous total row to select it. Right click, choose copy option. Move cursor to the new total row. Right click, choose paste option.
  • Verify the total are summed correctly. Double click on first column cell contain a dollar value, check that the SUM(cell1:cell2) function is summing all cells that should be included and change the cell1 and cell2 values as needed. Then click once on this first column cell. You will see a small blue square in the right hand corner, click on the small square and drag it across the row until you have included all cells in the TOTAL row. This will update all the cells to sum up correctly.
  • When done, close the document. The file will automatically save.
  • Write deposit slip for accounts as needed. For each check write the last name of the individual or organization. Any Canadian checks whether written in U. S. Funds or not, and all Canadian currency requires a separate deposit slip.  Deposit slips are in locked file cabinet in hall office.
  • White copy of deposit slip goes to WECU with deposit. Yellow copy staple together with the slip received from WECU and put in the bookkeeper's box.
  • Make the deposit on the same day as the date entered in the spreadsheet.
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