Finance Clerk


On a weekly basis, collect mail from the downtown post office and our lobby donation dropslot, sort it, separate out any incoming money and record it on our finance tracking website, then file the mail in the office and deposit the money to WECU (Whatcom Educational Credit Union).

In January, work with the Membership coordinator to prepare tax donation receipts

Detailed Instructions

  • Check mail at Prospect St. Post Office, box 5193.
  • Check donation box from dharma hall lobby dropslot.
  • Log in to Money Minder
  • Click banking
  • Start a new deposit, or edit an existing one which has not been deposited to WECU yet.
  • Reference: "dep by yourname" (yourname = first initial, last name)
  • Memo: "PENDING" unless you will be submitting the deposit to WECU the same day
  • Record a separate split for each incoming payment (exception: Dana see below)
    • Category: Categories are budgeted, so don't add new ones. Follow the guidelines below. If there is a difficult one with incomplete information, set it aside to research later.
    • Contact: Name of person or group who sent the money. If they are not pre-listed, it will be necessary to Add New
    • Details: start with "ck  " and the check number, include purpose of payment, retreat name, or date of meeting, etc
    • Fill in Amount
  • After all payments are entered, click Save and Close
  • In MoneyMinder, go to Reports > Banking Reports > Deposits with Splits
  • Change the dates so that it shows only the current PENDING deposit
  • Print the report. This will be your deposit slip for the bank.
  • Total up the documented cash and write "Total Cash" at the bottom of the page with the total cash amount.
  • Assure that the reported total cash matches the actual physical cash to be deposited.
  • After separating out the money, place the rest of the associated paperwork in the appropriate office mailbox (listed below)
  • Stamp each check with the "For Deposit Only" stamp
  • Write "Checks" at the bottom of the Deposit page and put the quantity of checks.

Many other Red Cedar workgroups depend on this information in order to respond in a timely manner to our customers (including renters, retreat participants, and our members). It is therefore essential that this information is entered into MoneyMinder on a weekly basis.

  • Place the Deposit Report, the checks, and cash in an envelope with Red Cedar Zen Community written on the front. Drop the envelope in the Night Deposit dropslot at WECU. This can be done later, as the information is already available to the people who need it. Preferably it wouldn't be more that two weeks later, but what is essential is that it is submitted to the bank before the last business day of the month.
  • After making the deposit, go back into MoneyMinder and correct the date of the deposit to the actual date and remove the word "PENDING" from the deposit memo.

Specific Common Payments, Account Guidance, and Mail Destinations

Annual Fund Drive
category Donations subcategory Annual Appeal
Benefactors (high level negotiated giving)
category Donations
Do not open mail addressed to BIMS. Just put it in their mailbox in the office.
BIMS Rental Income
category Lease and Rents subcategory BIMS
Place any bills in the Treasurer's mailbox in the office to be paid by the bursar.
Canadian Funds
Canadian Checks not in US funds (printed or hand-written on check), and any Canadian cash should be deposited separately, and record in MoneyMinder the US dollar value of the deposit.
Cash Loose
Cash from the dropslot or unidentified cash is considered a General Donation to Red Cedar
Dana (Donations to a particular teacher)
Dana cannot go through the Red Cedar's financial system for tax, labor law, legal, and volunteer capacity reasons. Any checks made out to Red Cedar for teacher dana should be returned to the person who sent it along with an apology that we cannot accept it and a request that they write a new check made out to that teacher (or in the case of Norman, to Everyday Zen). Cash dana for a particular teacher can be forwarded to that person. More information and online dana payment links are at
Dizang's Fields (donations for garden produce)
This money does not get deposited directly to Red Cedar. Deliver it to Dave Lynch who donates it.
Friday Recovery
category Lease and Rentals subcategory No-fee Rental
See Non-Profit Community Group Meetings
General Donations
category Donations
Guiding Teacher
Do not open any mail for Tim. Just put it in his mailbox in the office.
Library Donations
category Donations subcategory Library
Membership Payments
category Membership
If known, include the month being paid for in the memo.
Paperwork goes in the Membership mailbox in the office.
Mindfulness Group
category Lease and Rentals subcategory No-fee Rental
See Non-Profit Community Group Meetings
Mindfulness Northwest
category Lease and Rentals subcategory Fixed-fee Rental
Non-Profit Community Group Meetings
category Lease and Rentals subcategory No-fee Rental
Community groups who do not charge a fee for their meeting are allowed to sign an agreement to use the dharma hall at times when it is not reserved by Red Cedar, BIMS, or Fixed-fee sub-renters. They are asked to take up a collection for maintaining the building.
Oneness Blessing
category Lease and Rentals subcategory No-fee Rental
Community Groups
See Non-Profit Community Group Meetings
Other Paperwork (non-payments) 
Place in the Board of Director's mailbox.
President and other board members' mail goes in the Board of Director's mailbox.
Rent from Fixed-fee Sub-renters
category Lease and Rentals subcategory Fixed-fee Rental
Rental contracts go in the Building Manager's mailbox
Retreat Fees
category Retreats and Classes subcategory tracked separately are Samish and Food for non-Samish events.
Include the retreat name and date received in the split memo.
Registrations or other paperwork goes into the Registrar mailbox.
Refuge Recovery
category Lease and Rentals subcategory No-fee Community Groups
See Non-Profit Community Group Meetings
Unidentified Funds
Some members' Membership Payments are not clearly identified as to what they are for. A list of payments to look out for is kept separately here to aid member confidentiality.

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