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Finance Bookkeeper Job Procedure

Each Month

  • Import PayPal Txns

  • Reconcile WECU Statement

  • Provide spreadsheet of membership donations

PayPal: Retrieving Txn Info

  • Log in to PayPal at https://www.paypal.com

  • Navigate to Reports, then Activity Download

  • Set

    • Transaction type = "All transactions"

    • Date Range = "Past month" (or whatever needed)

    • Format = "CSV"

  • Then "Create Report". It will likely take only a few seconds for the report to become available.

  • Click "Download" to download the report

  • Place a copy of the report on DropBox

    • Under RedCedarBookkeeping

    • Create a directory for the month "<year>-<month number>" (e.g., "2017-08") [same as in WECU directions]

    • Put the report in this directory using a filename like "RczcPaypal_2017-08.csv"

PayPal: Importing to Money Minder

Scrub the PayPal CSV file received from Red Cedar

  • Open the file in Excel

  • And now create a separate XLS file:

    • Delete all but these columns: Date, Name, Type, Gross, Net, From Email Address, Item Title, Subject. The column "To Email Address" might also be useful in the case of refunds.

    • Save as XLS

Import Procedure (in MoneyMinder)

  • Square / PayPal button

  • Next to PayPal account → “Import Transactions”

  • Choose the CSV file downloaded above and "Upload File"

  • Down below, click on "View Transactions" next to the group of transactions with the correct dates (generally, the last group)

  • One by One, “Import Items” next to each transaction

    • First line (fee):

      • Category = Membership | Retreats & Classes | ??? (same as the Category used for the second line - whatever this transaction is really about; DO NOT use “PayPal Fees”)

      • Received on Behalf = “Paypal”

    • Second Line (money):

      • The information in the PayPal XLS / CSV file is VERY helpful in figuring out who a PayPal txn is associated with and why RCZ received the money. In particular, the Item Title and Note columns are helpful to understand the context of the txn.

      • Category = Membership | Retreats & Classes | ???

      • Received on Behalf = Person | ??? (you may have to create a new contact - see below for that process)

      • Details = “Monthly Membership” | “Intro to Zen (Feb 6 - 27)” | ???

        • See the lists below for common entries. It’s nice to use the same exact text for the same event type each time, as that allows somebody to more easily post-process the data should they care to.

        • Note that MoneyMinder only allows so many characters - you’ll often need to shorten what was imported from PayPal.

Creating a New Contact

  • In the "Received on behalf of this Contact" column (within the PayPal import)

    • Select "--- Add New ---"

    • Fill in First and Last Name - this comes from the spreadsheet

    • Under "Contact Types", check these boxes if applicable:

      • "Donor": this person has donated money to RCZ (separate from membership dues)

      • "Member": monthly or annual member

      • "Registrant": this person has registered for a retreat or class

Special Cases (Contact Names + Txn Category)

  • lee@convoglio.com -> "J Lee Nelson"

  • joe@convoglio.com -> "Joseph Ryan"

  • valnjay@yahoo.com -> "Valerie Davenport" (check on the 11th from "Jay Greenwood" is actually for "Valerie Davenport")

  • On the 20th of the month, Scott Allen contributes for Membership

Retreat Names (for Details section)

  • Opening Sesshin (22 Jan 2017)

  • Intimacy (Shuso's Class)

  • Intro to Zen (Feb 6 - 27)

  • Death and Dying (Apr 3 - May 1)

  • Sesshin w/ Fischer (Mar 2 - 5)

  • Contemplating Nature (May 13)

  • Awakening in Life (May 20-21)

  • Samish Sesshin '17 (Jun 16 - 24)

  • Samish Shuttle '17 (Jun 16 / 24)

  • Hawk Meadow Sit

  • Mountains & Rivers (Aug 16 - 20)

  • Sangha Campout (Sep 1 - 4)

  • Jizo Ceremony (Aug 13)

  • Closing the Mountains (Oct 14)

  • Buddhist History (10/23 - 11/27)

  • Jukai (Nov 4)

  • Rohatsu 2017 (Dec 6 - 10)

  • Fischer Sesshin 2018 (Mar 1 - 4)

  • New Year's Eve Ceremony 2018

  • Opening Sesshin 2018 (Feb 3)

  • Anger (Shuso's Class 2018)

Other Names (for Details section)

  • Monthly Membership

  • Annual Membership

WECU: Retrieving Statement

  • Log in athttps://www.wecu.com/

  • All Services | E-Statements

  • Click the down arrow in the Download column

  • The statement should download

  • Place a copy of the statement on DropBox

    • Under RedCedarBookkeeping

    • Create a directory for the month "<year>-<month number>" (e.g., "2017-08") [same as in PayPal directions]

    • Put the statement in this directory using a filename like "RczcWecu2017-08.pdf"

WECU: Reconciliation


  • We download the monthly WECU statement from the WECU website in PDF format - see the directions above (“WECU: Retrieving Statement”).

  • I use the PDF reader / editor "PDF-Xchange Editor" to work with the PDF. Even the free version of this program allows me to highlight (Tools | Comment and Markup Tools | Highlight Text Tool) those bits of the statement I've reconciled or properly transferred into MoneyMinder (this is like putting a check next to them if the statement were printed out). I go line-by-line to check if the entry is already in MoneyMinder or if I need to enter it. Once I've done that, I highlight the line so I know I've done it.

For Deposits into our account from another WECU account

  • Usually, this will be a member making a monthly dues payment. Match it up with the person using the date, amount, and account number (or other textual information) found in the "WECU Monthly Membership Pledges" spreadsheet.

  • To record it in MoneyMinder:

    • Click the square "Banking" button at the top

    • Then "Deposits"

    • Deposit To = "Checking"

    • Date = date of transfer into our WECU account

    • Reference = "WECU xfer"

    • Memo = e.g., "Monthly Membership"

    • Category = "Membership"

    • Contact = <member> (if the member is not yet present in MoneyMinder, you’ll have to create a new contact for them; see “Creating a New Contact” above; remember to check "Member" in the contact profile)

    • Details = e.g., "Monthly Membership"

    • Amount = <amount>!

    • Click “Save & New” if there are more deposits to enter

For monthly Debits and BillPays, and for Direct Transfers Out of our account to another WECU account

  • Use the "WECU Monthly Bill Payment" spreadsheet to figure out who's being paid and why.

  • To record a Withdrawal, click the square "Banking" button at the top, then "Withdrawals" (or, from the Checking account Bank Register, push the "New withdrawal" button).

  • Common Expenditures:

    • Riaz Monjazeb / Landlord / RCDH Lease ($2501.13; to increase by 2% in October of each year)

      • Check # / Reference = "BillPay"

      • Date = <date of xfer>

      • Contact = "Landlord / Riaz Monjazeb"

      • Memo = "RCDH Lease"

      • Category = "Lease and Rentals"

      • Paid on behalf… = <leave blank>

      • Details = <leave blank>

    • Tim Burnett ($1000)

      • Check # / Reference = "BillPay"

      • Date = <date of xfer>

      • Contact = "Burnett, Tim"

      • Memo = "Priest Housing Allowance"

      • Category = "Priest Housing Allowance"

      • Paid on behalf… = <leave blank>

      • Details = <leave blank>

    • Crystal Springs / DS Services Standard Co

      • Check # / Reference = "Debit"

      • Date = <date of xfer>

      • Contact = "Crystal Spring"

      • Memo = <not needed>

      • Category = "Utilities"

      • Paid on behalf… = <leave blank>

      • Details = <leave blank>

    • The Majestic / Utilities ($62.50 to account 295835 S7)

      • Check # / Reference = "WECU xfer"

      • Date = <date of xfer>

      • Contact = "Landlord / The Majestic"

      • Memo = "Telephone + Wifi"

      • Category = "Utilities"

      • Paid on behalf… = <leave blank>

      • Details = <leave blank>

    • Sanitary Services

      • Check # / Reference = "Debit"

      • Date = <date of xfer>

      • Contact = "Sanitary Services"

      • Memo = <not needed>

      • Category = "Utilities"

      • Paid on behalf… = <leave blank>

      • Details = <leave blank>

    • PSE (Puget Sound Energy)

      • Check # / Reference = "Debit"

      • Date = <date of xfer>

      • Contact = "PSE (Puget Sound Energy)"

      • Memo = <not needed>

      • Category = "Utilities"

      • Paid on behalf… = <leave blank>

      • Details = <leave blank>

    • Wild Apricot

      • Category = "Administrative"

Other Transactions

Other types of transactions are very likely to be check deposits or check or debit payments made by the sangha and entered into MoneyMinder already by the clerk or another person. They just need to be reconciled (see below).

Checking Account Reconciliation

  • Click the square "Banking" button at the top

  • Then "Reconcile"

  • Select "Checking"

  • Enter the Ending Date and Ending Balance from the WECU statement

  • Go one-by-one through the WECU statement ensuring the transaction is reflected in MoneyMinder, ticking off each txn in MM.

WECU Savings

Generally, the only transaction present is a “dividend credit” (i.e., interest). To enter this:

  • Click the square "Banking" button at the top

  • Then "Deposit"

  • Select Deposit To = "Savings WECU"

  • Date = <date of txn>

  • Reference = “Interest”

  • Memo = <leave blank>

  • Category = “Administrative”

  • Received on behalf… = <leave blank>

  • Details = e.g., “Interest 1/1 - 3/31”

The WECU Savings account can be reconciled like the WECU Checking account.

Monthly Membership Dues Spreadsheet

Getting the data from MoneyMinder

  • Click the square "Reports" button at the top

  • Transaction Reports

  • All Transactions for a Specific Category

  • Category = "Membership"

  • Set the From and To date fields appropriately (usually from the first to the last day of a particular month)

  • Run Report

  • Export to Excel

Cleaning up the Spreadsheet

  • Open the spreadsheet. If Excel gives you a warning, just say "OK"

  • Delete the first 4 rows = "Red Cedar Zen Community", "Membership Transactions …", and 2 blank lines

  • You should be left with a header row ("Category", "Bank", etc.)

  • Delete the 2 rows after this first header row = "Membership", "Starting Balance"

  • Delete the last 8 or so rows about budget

  • Make the first row BOLD

  • Delete the "Category" column (should be the first column)

  • Delete the "Balance" column (should be the last column)

  • Delete the "Memo" column

  • Rename the "Deposit" column to "Amount"

  • Find Replace All: "PayPal Clearing Account" -> "PayPal". In Excel:

    • Ctrl-F to bring up the Find dialog

    • Switch to the Replace tab

    • Find what = "PayPal Clearing Account"

    • Replace with = "PayPal"

    • Click the "Replace All" button

  • Do the same thing to rename " Checking #########" to "Checking"

  • Delete all the transactions for the PayPal fees:

    • Select the whole "Withdrawal" column

    • Sort it (in Excel 2016: Home | Sort & Filter | Sort Largest to Smallest, "Yes" to expand the selection)

    • Delete all the rows at the top - any with an amount in the "Withdrawal column"

  • Delete the "Withdrawal" column

  • Expand the columns to optimal width: Select All | double-click the line to the right of a column that needs expanding (up in the header area)

  • Rename the "For" column to "Memo"

  • Optionally: sort by the "From / To" column

  • When saving, be sure to set the type as "Excel .xls"

Bookkeeping Invoice

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