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Study Retreat Ino's Schedule


Optional early practice:

5:30 Make sure all in order: seats arranged, chant books at seats, doshi's chant book at bowing mat, meal chant cards to seats, doanryo seats and equipment arranged, registrar table out. Be available around zendo entrance to help people find seats.

Everyone will be invited to dokusan. Just indicate "no" if you don't wish to go

Doan rings big bell for initial offering

"please place hands in gassho as the teacher passes" 

6:00 Zazen sit facing in (altar)

6:25 Kinhin announce opportunity to remember ill and deceased in morning service. Kinhin instructions or orientation if necessary. (Welcome, follow the schedule (n seat 5 min early), kinhin form and bathrooms, notes to Ino if need change in schedule, study retreat not as formal: okay to talk downstairs during breaks and outside the building but please keep zendo very quiet and in lobby/library please use a whisper. )

6:35 Zazen sit facing out (wall)

7:00 Kinhin

7:10 Zazen

7:40 Service Doan Ryo in place?, lights up?,H&WB and Memorial names to Kokyo? Announce: pass chant books "Morning Service A/B/C or D", pass books back when done

8:10 Soji all to lobby, cooks and helpers downstairs

8:25 Breakfast (oatmeal plus potluck) when all are seatedclack once, lead meal chant,to end eating clack clackers once, short chant, clack twice. Announce break, return by 9:25, cleanup crew may be excused from first zazen if needed.


Study Retreat starts:

Check: altar, all accounted for, chant books out, meal chant cards available if eating upstairs, dana boxes available for public talk.

9:30 zazen

10:00 kinhin

10:10 zazen (20 minutes)

10:30 kinhin 

check for guests in lobby

10:40 public dharma talk (Tenken lights altar for offering; sangha does prostrations with no bells)

 bells for talk to open and close, thank guests for coming and ask for dana 

11:50 kinhin (Kitchen help prepare tea and coffee, set up table if eating downstairs)

12:00 service 

Doan Ryo in place?, lights up?,

pass chant books,Metta Sutta p.___;  Pass books back when done

12:10 lunch (Sack lunch - upstairs if more than 12) 

once all seated after meal offering clack once, lead meal chant. 

To end eating clack clackers one, short chant, clack twice, followed immediately with two rings of the bell and exit bells by tenken.

Note: more formal closing is: all rise leaving dishes sitting there, doshi does bows at mat (with exit bells from tenken), then people get their dishes and leave or continue eating. An informal close right after closing chant + 2 clacks + 2 bells may be fine for Study Retreat. More formal is important for sesshin.

Introductions: When this first meal is done and before people leave is a good time for everyone to say their name and where they are from. Registrar's need this to confirm that they have everyone checked in and know who everyone is. Also introduce yourself, Retreat manager, registrars.

1:00 break

Check: altar, all accounted for, chant books out

2:00 zazen

2:30 kinhin

2:40 zazen

3:00 kinhin

3:10 class & discussion

4:50 service Tenken plays mokugyo. P

ass chant books,Dai Hi Shin Dharani p.___;  Pass books back when done


5:00 dinner break Opportunity to eat out and socialize

7:00 zazen or activity

7:30 kinhin or activity

7:40 zazen or activity

8:10 kinhin or activity

8:20 zazen 

8:50 refuges tenken does closing bells


Same as Saturday except:

10:40 Public Dharma talk is replaced by Class & Discussion


1:30 zazen

2:00 kinhin

2:10 class & discussion

3:10 refuges

3:20 work

4:00(approx.) end of retreat

Please plan on staying until the work is completed.

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