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Doan Ryo

The Doan Ryo: the ceremony work group

The Doan ryo are the orchestra of the meditation hall in the practice roles of tenken, doan, and kokyo (see below). Training is conducted by the Ino (head of meditation hall). It takes place during our work period on the first Wednesday of each month, and by arrangement at other times.

  • Tenken – Rings the bell to begin and end each meditation period and leads kinhin following periods of zazen, striking the wooden clackers.
  • Doan – Rings the bells during the service.
  • Kokyo – Leads the chanting during the service.

We find that participating in our zendo services in these roles enriches and deepens our practice. Moreover, taking responsibility for our practice together strengthens our community. And if one feels nervous or self-conscious, working with these feelings in a supportive environment can be quite helpful.

Doan scripts

You may download the color coded scripts which assist the doan ryo in striking bells and leading the chants here. Use these for home practice or services in other zendos. The doan and kokyo book in the Red Cedar Dharma Hall zendo have a complete set.

There is a second Doan Script Page that needs to be merged into this page.

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