Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Dana for Teachers

Donations to the Red Cedar Zen teachers make it more possible for us to expand programs and sustain the vision of an engaged Zen practice in the world. Thank you very much.  

You can support the Red Cedar Zen sangha as a whole on the Donations for the Sangha page.

Dana Paramita is the Buddhist practice of generosity.  Teachers for our retreats do not receive anything from registration fees.  Instead teachers are supported through gifts of dana.  The act of giving itself is the essence of dana practice, not the ascribed value of what has been given.  Attending a retreat and being present is a gift in itself.  Helping to organize a retreat can be an offering of dana.  And offering money can help offset the time and energy teachers expend in preparing and teaching programs.  All dana offerings are received as equal and with gratitude. Dana offerings from this page go directly to the teacher's personal account, are thus seen by the teacher receiving the dana, and seen by no one else in the sangha.  You can learn more about our practice of Dana Paramita here.

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