Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Red Cedar Zen - Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

DATE: 10October2019

PRESENT: Bob Rose, Tuli Candela, Tim Burnett, Hannah Sullivan

ABSENT: Bernadette Prinster, Chris Patton


Encouraging Words 

Full Value Contract

We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

minutes were corrected .  The actual amount of credit with our landlord is as follows: a credit was given of $10,000, and our estimated labor and materials donation is about $60,000.  Tim made some corrections on the BIMS meeting into the website.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer's report: per a meeting with Ed, our bookkeeper, last week (see document in treasury notes), a draft proposal will follow for next year at the next board meeting.  Based on an increase of income by 6%, we show a loss of about $6345.  this is not a final report, however all is as expected.  if anything is 10-15% out of line, a flag will appear.  At this point we have a better clarity about all things treasury, and the efforts of Ed, Bernadette, and John have made this so.

Old Business

First item: Meeting with BIMS: Tim met with their treasurer.  Scott had had concerns regarding our Saturday AM potentially colliding with one of their retreats.  In fact, no conflicts for time exist, and everyone currently has enough time for their events.

Second item: water bill: An unusally high water bill came up over the past year.  After scrutinizing and examining any possible leakage and finding none, we are leaving the water bill, per lease, to our landlord.

Third item:Membership response.  Terrill has written (see document) with concerns about how do deal with the remaining members who have not converted to the new system.  The easy solution is for us to just put these people manually into the system.  It will then automatically prompt them.  The question arises as to whether they might then be making double payments.  As a board, we feel people have been well-contacted, in several ways, and it is their responsibility to see that their payments are coming from one place only.  Moved and seconded, we will adopt Terrill's suggestion.  Also we have two "mystery members" to track down. A second proposal is to ask Ed if he can move into documentation of membership monies.  Action item: we will ask Bernadette to make that communication with Ed.  Second Action item: thanking Terrill for his years of deep service in the membership arena.  Hannah to write on behalf of the board.

Fourth item: Annual appeal.  we took in an estimated $7000.00, which is more than expected.  It worked well on line.  Tuli feels satisfied that the job was handled well.

Fifth item: Building inspection.  Bob will handle hiring someone.  We have the money budgeted.  At that point we will be ready to meet with our landlord.

New Business

First item: Sunday Practice.  Tim presented his proposal (see document), which will be examined in Practice Committee.  Chris Burkhart has proposed leading a pilot program of First Sunday of each month in 2020.  The biggest concern is of resources for running the program.  A value addition for existing members would be an increase in discussion time, longer dharma talks, as well as a general community feel.  Bob proposes that the board support this offer, pending practice committee approval of the pilot program.  Kate has agreed to participate.  All old shuso senior students will be asked to be available for giving talks.   Action item: Bob to send a letter to Linda Booth that we are pursuing such a Sunday program, which does not conflict with Sangha Mamas as it's on our first Sunday.  Per our new lease in 2021, we can't guarantee Sangha Mamas their schedule if we go into Sundays.

Second item: Brokerage account.  Current discussion with John, Bernadette and Bob.  Bob sees it as a way to safeguard our savings, seeking a balanced budget as well.  We need to let our members know that we can receive stock.  to do: Finance Committee to investigate appropriate investments.And we need to decide how much of our reserve to invest. 

Third item:  Retreat fees: Given the projected deficit, the idea of raising the fee for retreats slightly was entertained.  Our retreats are significantly less expensive than most, and our Samish retreat tends to draw from a large body of retreatants.  This also allows us the freedom to give scholarships.   Motion/action item: board to ask practice committee to increase retreat fees by 10%, especially Samish. 

Next  Board Meeting: December 4 . time TBD


Respectfully submitted,
Hannah Sullivan, Board Secretary


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