Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Red Cedar Zen - Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

DATE: July 11, 2018 5:30 PM
PRESENT: Ken Oates, Chris Patton, Talus Latona, Tuli Candela, Tim Burnett
ABSENT: Bernadette Prinster
VISITORS: Rose Candela

Full Value Contract

We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.


Old Business: 

Building Future

Our current lease is up end of September 2020. Tim spoke to the landlord who welcomes us to renew our lease (for another multi-year lease) which will see at least our current 3%/year level of rent increase. We want to understand the legals of the possibility of dividing the Majestic property so we could buy just the building we use (the property as a whole includes the Majestic and two houses). Or perhaps a condo arrangement. Tim will touch base with a commercial real estate broker he knows to find out how to start investigating if that is possible. 

The Board also discussed whether we could buy elsewhere or buy property and build. Concerns were expressed about the structural integrity and systems (plumbing especially) of the current building and also about the vulnerability of our organization being renters permanently. After further research the Board may start a conversation with members about possibility of purchasing this building or other long term options.  

Fund Drive

This year the fund is in August and will be electronically only. Chris will write appeal letter and prep the website. Discussion of previous focuses and this year's focus. Possible future building funding need exists to be fleshed out. Talus will alert bookkeeper 

 Red Cedar Canvas Bags could be sold at cost without getting into tax implications. And people can add a donation.

Directed Donations

We have received a donation specifically for new zabuton cushions. Great, we need to replace the floppy ones. Bigger question is how to handle money given with strings attached which doesn't fit into the budget. This is a universal concern for non-profits. Bigger question tabled until Bernadette is present. Talus will ask bookkeeper Mir if she has experience. This specific donation of zabutons is approved by consensus.

Tim Sabbatical

Tim is off for the month of July. Not well prepped this year, but resolve for him to be firmly away next year.

New Business

Board Turnover

Departures from board soon: Talus, possibly Chris, Ken. Need to identify a president. Discussion of potential candidates.

Co-Registrar Opening

Talus will make announcements after sit.

Next Board Meeting: August 15


Respectfully submitted, Bernadette Prinster


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