Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 
DATE: Month June, 2017 5:30 PM
PRESENT: Chris Patton, Jaren Hoppe-Leonard, Talus Latona, Ken Oates, Anne Mikkelsen, Tim Burnett
ABSENT: none

Encouraging Words: Go inside yourself to that quiet place where you are wisdom. Wisdom has in it compassion. Compassion
understands about life and death ~ Ram Dass

Full Value Contract
We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

Old Business 

1.  Building Related Emergencies:  In the case of a building emergency, a list of people to contact will be posted in the lobby.            Scott will send further instructions to Ken.

2.  Confidentiality Agreements:  The Board reviewed and signed Confidentiality Agreement documents. Talus will distribute                 documents to Finance Committee members for their signatures.  Ken will deliver documents to Terrill for Membership                    Committee signatures.  This document helps protect the privacy of all RCZC members.

3.  Investment of Sangha Savings: The Board discussed a number of related considerations with respect to investing sangha          savings. Questions included possible risks and returns on any investment and how much financial protection we should          responsibly maintain in our savings account. Very little improvement is available by tying up our savings in CDs.  Longer           term financial issues that might require funds were considered. Advice from a financial counselor was considered, but the            fee for such would be greater than a substantially improved interest rate would bring in.  Our lease is up in three and a half      years. Will we then consider finding our own building, which might include a capital fund drive.  We decided to monitor          interest rates and reassess conditions and possibilities if rates change substantially.

4.  Annual Fundraising Appeal:  Chris presented, for approval, the 2017 Fundraising Letter and action plan, which the Board          reviewed and approved. Jaren will help Chris with printing and mailing. Tim will make mailing labels. Letters to be ready for          envelope stuffing on July 1, Sangha Work Day. Tim, Talus or Terrill will introduce Christ to Wild Apricot so he can prepare         online fundraising materials. Letters to go out in late July or early August, once online materials are prepared.


    New Business:

    1.  Timing of Membership and Discounts:  The Board reviewed email from Terrill requesting clarification regarding membership      and discount requirements for events.  In order to register for events, members must be logged in to the Wild Apricot                 website.  The Wild Apricot Registration option should be turned on.  There is a processing delay between the time a person      signs up for membership and when they are recognized by the system. Presently monthly membership levels are listed from              $5 to $150. Suggested levels will be flagged for several income categories.  Suggestion: If a member in good standing is           unable to meet any of the listed levels, they will be invited to 'click here' to fill out a form requesting a scholarship or discount.

    2.  Ken's Report on Building, Garden and Library

         Garden: No report on the garden except that it is looking beautiful, loved and well-tended.

         Library Group:  Edie reported that library communications are going well between BIMS and Red Cedar.  We have a lot           donated books and no where to shelve them. Should we have a book sale?  The Board decided that the Library Group is          authorized to sell off excess books at their discretion (via a book sale or to a used book trader). A discussion followed            concerning the founder's table in the library. Since the library has evolved into a multi-purpose room, there is not sufficient          space for the table. Board agreed the founder's table should be in a prominent place. Questions: Should we search for a             smaller table? Could we reconfigure the lobby area to make room for a table there?  We will continue to study viable options.      Meanwhile the current table is on permanent loan to RCZC.

         Building Group:  Scott received a request from the Tuesday night refuge recovery group for an additional meeting time, on          Thursday nights.  BIMS has the Hall on Thursday nights and would not like to give up that time slot.  Ken will visit with BIMS      representative about the Thursday schedule and also about the storage of the chairs BIMS donated to the Zendo.

         Rodents have returned. On May 6, Scott revisited the crawl space under our building to determine where the rodents are          getting in.  There are numerous entryways and each requires a fair amount of work.  Scott estimates that materials needed      to block various portals will be less that $500.  The Board authorized the expenditure of up to $500.  Scott will begin work            after the Samish retreat.

    Next Board Meeting: July 12 at 5:50



    respectfully submitted, Anne Mikkelsen


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